Huge jump in YouTube’s viewers in India, more than 20 million viewers played the app on TV


According to the company, 85 percent of video viewers in India said that they have used YouTube more than ever since Covid-19. Now it is being seen on both TV and mobile.

Video streaming company YouTube said that in May this year in India, more than 20 million people watched YouTube on their TV screens, which is 45 percent more than last year. It was also told by the Google-owned platform that an increasing number of YouTube viewers prefer to watch content in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and other Indian languages.

Mobile and used on both TV

Google India country manager and vice president Sanjay Gupta said, “already has more than two million to such users, who see the content on the connected TV. Therefore, content consumption, Kantec of Variety, content This revolution of makers is not limited to mobile phones. It is a phenomenon that is happening on both mobile phones and connected TVs.” Also Read: BSNL Best Plan: Maximum validity of 365 days, Unlimited calling and Daily 3GB data plan, priced below Rs 500

YouTube usage has grown exponentially after Covid-19,

Gupta said, adding that Google is committed to helping India become a leading digital economy. YouTube and digital video will play a very important role in this. Satya Raghavan, Director of YouTube Partnerships, said that a large number of users watch videos for reliable content / information sources and to learn new skills. Raghavan said that 85 percent of video viewers in India said that they have used YouTube more than ever since Covid-19.

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