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Update: If Aadhar is lost, do not be worried, download your Aadhar card on mobile

In today’s time, the Aadhaar card plays an important role in verifying the identity of every person, taking advantage of government schemes and subsidies. Now most people carry the Aadhaar card in their pocket. So, we can use it anytime during work. If you have lost your Aadhaar card while doing so, do not worry. In just a few steps you can download the Aadhaar card.

This kind of download to the base card mailings to get to the base card of the way as legitimate would have. It used various government or private functions in the go can have. Let us know what that base card of the digital copy of what kind of download has to be that.

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Learn how the specific identity Authority (UIDAI) can be downloaded by card website.

Step 1 – You first UIDAI is based portal https: // eaadhaar – uidai – gov – in the log – on to be.

Step 2 – you ‘Get Aadhaar’ on the go ‘Download Aadhaar’ on click me.

Step 3 – The following is a new page opened come. This page on the basis of number , registration number or the virtual number in the no one would like to be.

Step 4 – you Captcha code pour will and ‘Send OTP’ to click to be.

Step 5 – to their registered mobile number to 6 points of the OTP will.

Step 6 – Now you OTP would like to be and with only a quick survey of some of the questions the answer to be.

Step 7 – Now you ‘Verify And Download’ option to click to be.

Step 8 – In this way the digital copy of your Aadhaar card will be downloaded .

Password protected Aadhaar e-copy

Based card of electronic copy password protected there is. That is based on the card of the digital copy of the opening of for password is required to enter. This password is the first four letters of your name in Aadhaar and the year of birth. Sometimes the pincode of your area is also the password.



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