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If the groom did late in the wedding, the bride did not have patience, then you will not be able to believe what she did

Wedding Video: A video of the bride and groom (Bride Groom Video) is becoming fiercely viral. In this video, when the bride got tired of waiting for the groom, she again took such a step. People are reacting fiercely to this video.

Viral Video: Many rituals have to be followed during marriage, due to which many times the procession gets late in reaching the venue. Indian brides also have to wait for a long time until the procession arrives and the wedding ceremony begins. During this, it is obvious that while waiting, the bride would get hungry.

Some people like to eat with their groom after Jayamala, but some brides cannot wait for that long. She first performs her pet-worship and then follows further customs.

When the bride got hungry for marriage

Something similar was seen in a wedding, when the procession gets delayed till the wedding venue, then the bride does not have patience and breaks down after eating. In a video that has gone viral on social media, it can be seen that due to hunger, the bride cannot stand it and she orders food from the food stall.

The bride can be seen enjoying a plate of Chinese food on her wedding day. The bride enjoyed desi Chinese snacks just before her wedding. In the video, she is wearing a brown lehenga with heavy jewellery.

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Forgetting everything, ‘Foodi Bahu’ broke down after eating first

The bride shared the video with the caption, ‘Sorry I am a foodie bahu and my in-laws like it.’ The video has gone viral on social media, and is receiving a lot of love from people who found the video to be relatable to themselves. The comment section is filled with heart and love emojis.

One user wrote, ‘A girl should have all the fun, even if she is a bride on the wedding day!’ Another wrote, ‘When you have your own marriage but wedding food should be the first priority.’ So far this video has been viewed more than 60 thousand times.

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