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PF Account: If You Want To Get Interest In PF Account, Then Do This Work Soon

Friends, EPFO ​​has started to credit interest after the Ministry of Labor and Employment and Employees Provident Fund Organization has issued official notifications on 4 January 2021 for depositing interest on PF for FY 2019-20, but if If you have not done your KYC (KYC) in your UAN account, you will not see interest in your PF account, about which the EPFO ​​has given information about it on the passbook portal.

KYC Is Required To Get Interest In PF Account

By the way, the interest in their PF account is being successfully credited to those who have their KYC complete in their UAN account, but if your UAN account does not have KYC, then go to EPFO’s passbook portal and check the passbook, an alert in red letters You will get to see the message. Where it would be written that-

ear member. interest for the year 2019-20 has been calculated against your account. To view it in your

passbook, please get your KYC seeded against your UAN at the earliest.

The Amount Of Interest Will Appear To Be Zero.

Apart from this alert message, in the Particulars section of PF Passbook, “Int. Entry will be done by writing “Updated upto 31/03/2020”, but the amount of interest will be shown as “0” in the column titled Employee share and Employer share. This means that the interest amount will not be visible, for this you will have to add KYC to your UAN account and get it approved from your employer. How can you add KYC to your UAN account? Let’s tell about it-

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How To Add KYC To UAN Account?

  • First of all login to the Unified Member Portal .
  • Click on the KYC option on the Manage tab.
  • Select Aadhaar, Pan and Bank KYC and enter the document number.
  • Also enter IFSC code in Bank KYC.
  • Click the SAVE button below.
  • You will have KYC ADD.
  • This UAN KYC will require approval of your employer.
  • Your KYC will be updated after the approver has been approved by the employer through digital signature.

So friends, if you do not have KYC in your UAN account too, then you should quickly add your KYC, so that the interest amount can be added to your PF account as well.






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