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IMPORTANT! Do you want to port your old Health Policy with New Policy, know the whole process

Financial planning experts always advise everyone to take a health policy. Apart from the mediclaim given by the company, you must also take a separate health policy so that it can be used in case of emergency. Many times it happens that we take a health policy without doing much research, but later it comes to know that there is not much benefit in this policy and the premium is also high. If this has happened to you too, then you can replace your old health policy with a new one. Moving from the old policy to the new health policy is called porting. For getting the policy ported, some terms and conditions have to be approved, after which this work gets done easily. Let us know what things should be kept in mind before porting a health policy and what is its process …

1. Selection of New Policy Company

To port from the old policy to the new policy, first you have to choose the company from where you want to take the new policy. You have to see that this new company should give you a new and better policy in the same premium amount. You can do this by yourself or with the help of a professional. However, you have to apply for port 45-60 days before the old policy expires.

2. Fill the Portability Form

After selecting the new company, fill the application form. After this, the new company will send you the portability and proposal form, after which you will fill both these forms. In this form, you will have to give your personal information and the information of the previous insurance company.

3. Verification of the given information

After this the new company verifies the information given by you. If there is some mistake in your information, then this application can also be canceled. This process takes a few days.

4. What can ports do?

After purchasing the policy, there is a waiting period of 30 days, waiting period for chronic diseases, waiting period for a particular disease and No Claim Bonus for the old policy can also be transferred to the new policy.

5. Which documents will be required

Documents required for porting to a new policy are notice regarding renewal of health insurance or policy schedule of the previous year, a declaration to claim no claim bonus, discharge summary if any claim is made, investigation and follow-up -Up report, past medical history, report and copy.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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