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In 5 years, millions of people got 4 times more profit than FD, now your money will be double at the earliest!

Make Money Fast Today: If you also want to get a big return on small investment then you have a better chance. Let’s know how and when?

Even today, investing in FD is considered more safe and good in India. But, at present, FDs are getting only 5-6 per cent. That is why experts are now advising to invest in mutual funds. In this list, a fund which is being discussed highly. That is Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund. If someone had invested Rs 10,000 in this fund a year ago, then his amount would have increased to Rs 12223. In terms of returns, it sits at around 22 per cent. At the same time, the FD is getting a total return of 5-7 percent, that is, there is an advantage of Rs 500-700 on FD of Rs 10,000.

First of all know what is a mutual fund?

Mutual fund companies raise money from investors. They invest this money in assets such as stock markets, bonds and government securities. In return, mutual funds also charge from investors.

There are several different mutual fund houses in the country which appoint fund managers to invest. The fund manager has a good knowledge of the market, who in his / her understanding invests in such a fund that has maximum profits.

To invest in mutual funds, these companies earn commissions from investors. For those who do not know much about investing in the stock market, mutual funds are a good option for investment. Investors can choose the scheme according to their financial goals

The advantage of mutual funds is that here your investment is managed by the fund manager, who has a good understanding of the market. In such a situation, he invests your money thoughtfully, where the returns are expected to be better.

At the same time, your portfolio gets diversified through mutual funds. Because here, instead of just one share, money is put in different shares or asset class.

If there is a risk in one, then it is covered in the other. Your money is also invested in debt funds, so even if there is market volatility, the money is safe. You can also save tax by investing in ELSS category.

Let’s know all the things related to this ..

If you talk about Mirae Asset Tax Saver Mutual Fund, then in the last two years, the fund has given a bump return of 46%. At the same time, if someone had invested Rs 10,000 in the fund 5 years ago, then its value would have increased to Rs 25185. This means that their total return is 150 percent.

In different periods, the fund has performed much better than the benchmark and other rival schemes. The fund has given 23.71 per cent returns in the last one year.

Now the question arises whether it is still beneficial to invest money?

Experts say that Mirae Asset is following all the important things like Large Cap and Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip. It does a lot of good research while choosing stocks. This scheme is more inclined towards largecap than midcap. It has a great track record. This scheme has proved its importance for long term investment.

If we talk about its portfolio, the fund has Ashok Leyland, Axis Bank, Dabur India, Gujarat State Petronet, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, JK Cement, Maruti Suzuki, MRF, Natco Pharma, Orient Electric, Prince Pipes & Fittings, Reliance Industries, Tata Steel, Torrent Pharmac, UTI has increased investment in AMC shares. It is there, shares whose strong performance continues.

Important things about Mirae Asset Tax Saver Mutual Fund

The fund was launched on December 28, 2015. Its average AUM (31 December 2020) is Rs 5489 crore.

Its NAV in the growth option is Rs 24.27. The NAV in the dividend option is Rs 19.46. The minimum investment is 5000 rupees. More Read: India will be the only major country in the world with double-digit GDP growth this year: IMF

The minimum SIP amount is 500 rupees.

Its expense ratio (31 December 2020) is 1.86 percent. At the same time, the exit load: 0% on redemption within 30 days. Fund manager Nilesh Surana has been associated with the fund for 8 years.


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