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In the next 25 days, do this special method of conch shell, your wish will be fulfilled

Aghan Month 2021: Worshiping conch shell or doing some special measures in the month of Aghan or Margshirsh gives the blessings of both Lord Krishna and Mother Lakshmi.

New Delhi: In Hinduism, all the 12 months of Panchang have different significance. These months are dedicated to different gods and goddesses and by worshiping the respective god in those months, they are quickly pleased. Margshirsh Maas has started on 20 November 2021. It is also called the month of Aghan. This month is the favorite month of Lord Krishna and worshiping the conch is of great importance.

Consider the common conch shell

In this month, by worshiping even a normal conch as the five janya conch of Lord Krishna, the Lord is very pleased and fulfills the wishes of his devotee. It is believed that the conch shell also appeared during the churning of the ocean. According to the Puranas, Maa Lakshmi is the daughter of the ocean and the conch is considered to be the brother of Goddess Lakshmi. Therefore, by worshiping the conch, Goddess Lakshmi is also pleased. This is the reason why blowing conch shell in Lakshmi Puja is considered very auspicious. Also, after the aarti, water is sprinkled on the devotees with a conch shell.

To get money, do these remedies of conch shell

  • There are still 25 days left for the month of Aghan to end. Till then, on any day, by doing this remedy of conch shell, money starts raining on the person.
  • Fill milk in the Dakshinavarti conch and anoint Lord Vishnu with it. This will benefit a lot of money by the grace of Narayan.
  • In the month of Aghan, fill whole rice in pearl conch shell and then make a bundle and keep it in your safe. Money will start pouring in in a few days.
  • Donating conch shell in Vishnu temple also removes all the problems of money.
  • To please Goddess Lakshmi, anoint her with Gangajal and Kesal in the Dakshinavarti conch in the month of Aghan. You will become wealthy by the grace of Maa Lakshmi.
  • The month of Aghan is the most auspicious for the establishment of conch shell. In the house where Dakshinavarti conch is installed, there is never any less happiness and prosperity.
  • If Venus defect is coming under the guise of becoming wealthy, then wrap white conch shell, rice and butter in a white cloth and throw it in the river. It will not take long to change the day.


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