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Income Tax Rate Cut: Income tax rates may be reduced! Government may take a big decision to increase demand

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Income Tax Rate Cut- Review of the current tax structure has revealed that this tax structure is not rational.

New Delhi. Income tax payers may get a big relief in the coming days. Manufacturers may cut income tax rates to rationalize the existing income tax structure. To revive the Indian economy, which is facing the problem of declining consumption, the government may make a big announcement regarding income tax in the upcoming budget. This claim has been made in a report by the Indian Express. Sources have been quoted as saying that the government’s policymakers are in favor of rationalizing the existing income tax structure. For this, more tax exemption can be given to low-income taxpayers. The newly formed government of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is likely to present the full budget for the financial year 2024-25 by the third week of July.

Two government officials said that there is a possibility that the government may prioritize cutting income tax rates for low-income earners over freebies and excessive welfare expenditure due to its focus on fiscal consolidation. Officials said that tax cuts can be a more effective measure to increase disposable income, which will result in increased consumption and boost economic activity. People will have more money in their hands, which will increase consumption and increase direct and indirect tax revenue. So even if a cut in income tax rates leads to a reduction in revenue, its net effect will be positive.

Tax structure is not rational

An official said that the review of the current tax structure has revealed that the current tax structure is not rational. The tax increase on marginal income is very high. In the new tax regime, the first slab of 5 percent starts from an income of Rs 3 lakh. When the income reaches Rs 15 lakh, that is, increases five times, the marginal tax rate increases from 5 percent to 30 percent. That is, the income tax rate increases six times. This growth rate is very high.

It is important to increase consumption

An official said that it is important to boost consumption to revive demand. It plays a very central role in restarting the investment cycle and reviving private capital expenditure, especially in consumer-centric sectors. This can also increase GST collection. Another official said, “This way (by rationalizing income tax) you will unlock consumption. There will be more disposable income, which means more consumption, more economic activities, more GST collection.”

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