Increase the speed of internet in your laptop or computer, so increase it


Many people have been working from home for more than a year. The only reason for this is coronavirus. If you are still working from home, then you must have encountered some problems regarding laptop, computer and internet. The most common problem among them is data speed. Often, the internet speed decreases while working. If you complain to your service provider, then he may ask to update the plan. But this will not affect much, but the load on your pocket will definitely increase. There are some tips, by adopting which you can increase the speed of your laptop or computer without spending extra money.

Keep clear history

It is obvious that when you work on the Internet, you will also search for things from Google or other sites. This will increase your history. Consequently, the storage will be full. Cookies are the same thing. It would have been a text file. They also act as a storage enclosure. The more websites visited, the more cookies will increase. This makes internet slow. So from time to time keep clearing the history and cookies on your system.

Problem can also occur in website

It is not the case that there is a problem in your system or the Internet if the internet is slowed down. It is also possible that the site you are trying to open has some problems. There can be different reasons for this. At the same time, there is a delay in opening a site, because the site is being searched by a lot of people at the same time. This makes the progress slow.

System mechanic software

System mechanic software is a very useful thing. Initially you will get it free, but later you will have to pay for it. Talking about its work, it helps in reducing the pressure on the computer. Eliminates the problems associated with cookies or other things. This software is so useful that it will also optimize your poor Wi-Fi connection.

Must check wifi router

There is a range of wifi. It is not that you get the same speed in the whole house. So also check the router. Also, put the best cable in it. A stronger cable will also give you better signal and better speed. Sometimes it can happen that once the router encounters a problem, then the connection is repeatedly broken. You don’t have to do much for it. Stop the router only once and start it.

Internet service

It may also be that Internet service is your only problem. Therefore, check the service provider as well. Check your existing plan. If you need to upgrade for better speed, do it. It may be that the PC or laptop may also need to be upgraded. Due to the continuous use of the system, you may need to upgrade it from time to time.





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