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Indian Idol 12: Is this singing reality show scripted? Contestant Ashish Kulkarni told the truth

The Indian Idol 12 show has been on the target of people for some time now. It has been said many times that the show is scripted. Now Contestant Ashish Kulkarni told the truth of this matter.

The 12th season of Indian Idol is in a lot of headlines these days. Sometimes the show remains in a lot of discussion about the performances of the guest, sometimes the contestants. Contestant Ashish Kulkarni is one of the top 7 contestants of this season. Due to Kovid, the shooting of the show is being done in the bio bubble, due to which the contestants could not meet their family for 6 months. Now recently the top contestants were sent to their family, in their city and during this they met everyone.

According to the report of E Times, Ashish spoke to the media after meeting the family and told his experience about the show and also answered the question whether the show is scripted. Ashish said, ‘None of the performances of the show are scripted. If someone’s performance is not good, then he also gets to hear negative comments. Let me tell you all that this show is natural and organic. as we perform. The same is shown to all of you. No changes are made to it. If your performance is good then you will get to hear praise, if you do not sing well then you have to listen to scolding. The rest of the things that happen are all part of entertainment. We all have our own journey and that is not scripted but true.

Ashish spoke about bonding with other contestants

Regarding bonding with the co-contestants, Ashish said that when the stories of their bonding are shown in the show, the atmosphere that it creates becomes a little lighter. Ashish said, ‘We are all living with each other and our bond has also formed, so when the story of our friendship is shown, it makes the atmosphere very light. There is a lot of pressure on all of us before the performance and such moments relax us. We all contestants enjoy these moments. If only the performances keep happening then the atmosphere becomes very serious.

Take trolling in a positive way

Regarding trolling, Ashish said that he takes them in a positive way and by this he improves himself. Ashish said – As an artist, we are very emotional about our work and whoever we are today is because of the audience. We are only because of them and for them. So when we go and get negative feedback, we take it positively and work on ourselves so that we win the hearts of the audience by correcting the thing due to which we are getting negative comments.

Ashish further said, ‘Whoever has been trolled so far takes these comments positively. People give their opinion and there is nothing wrong in that. We will work hard to win the hearts of those who do not like us so that they also love us. The audience is our parents and their decision is final.



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