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Indian Railways New Rules: Indian Railways issued a new guide line for passengers, see here

Indian Railways: Railways has given some advice to the passengers before the journey. All passengers should know these rules and advice very well before going on the journey, otherwise you may get into trouble.

New Delhi: Indian Railways: Indian Railways has given an important advice to those traveling by rail. You should know this advice before traveling during the festive season. Railways has asked passengers to carry only limited luggage for a pleasant and comfortable journey.

This advice has been given by the Railways because trains are being operated only during the Corona period. In such a situation, it becomes the responsibility of all the passengers to keep maximum vigilance. Railways has said that if the luggage is more, then it is better to carry it under your seat than to book it in a parcel and send it.

The ministry gave this advice!

While advising the passengers, the Ministry of Railways has made a tweet, ‘Be responsible rail travellers. For a pleasant and comfortable journey, travel only with limited luggage so that other co-travellers of the train do not have trouble, in case of excessive luggage, book it in a luggage vehicle. Now there is also this facility that by paying a fee, you can get your goods delivered to your home.

Booking at Parcel Office

If you want to send your heavy luggage by train, then first you have to book the parcel. Parcel means your same goods that you want to send by train. Parcels can be booked only for and from those stations which are open for parcel traffic. Like parcel traffic facility is available at all major stations of Western Railway.

For this, you can book your parcel at the station’s parcel office from 9:00 to 17:00. For this, go to the station from where you catch the train, and find out whether there is a parcel book facility or not. Many counters can also be closed due to corona infection. So you should find out first, then book the luggage.

Book parcel like this

  • If you want to book a parcel, then pack your luggage properly first.
  • Next, write your name, address and the names of the starting station and ending destination station on the package.
  • Now take your luggage to the parcel or luggage office made at the station.
  • After that you fill the parcel form and submit it.
  • Now pay the fee and get the money receipt.
  • Go to the station where you want the goods to arrive. Now show the parcel way bill at the parcel office.
  • If there is an additional fee, please submit it here.
  • Now check your luggage and receive your parcel.
  • Let us tell you that the rate of the parcel is fixed according to the originating station and the destination station.

Know what are the rules of transportation?

  • According to the parcel rules, if a passenger is caught at the station with unbooked luggage in excess of the free permission, then six times the charge will be charged on the load.
  • If unbooked baggage is caught in excess of the free permit, 1.5 times the luggage scale rate will be charged.
  • If a passenger is caught on a railway route or at a station with more baggage than allowed free of cost, six times the luggage scale rate will be charged with a minimum amount of Rs.50/-. Will be.
  • For carrying more baggage than permitted in the brake van, booking has to be made in advance.
  • If your baggage slightly exceeds the allowed free limit, you will be charged the normal baggage rate applicable for your category.
  • Items like scooters, cycles etc. will not be allowed as free goods.
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