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IndiGo: Air travel opportunity for Rs 915, more discounts on credit cards

New Delhi: If you want to travel by air cheaply in the country or abroad, then Indigo has come up with a big offer. The company has announced that it will provide air tickets on domestic and international routes for Rs 915. IndiGo has introduced this special offer for air travelers on its 15th anniversary. If you want to take advantage of this offer, it is quite easy. Let us know how to take advantage of it, and for how long this offer is open.

This offer has opened from today

This offer of Indigo has opened from today. Under this offer lasting for 3 days, air tickets can be purchased till 6 August 2021. Air tickets purchased under this offer can be used for domestic and international air travel between September 1, 2021 to March 26, 2022.

Air tickets will be cheaper on payment by credit card

Indigo has said in its statement that those using HSBC credit card to buy air tickets will be given additional discount. This discount will be of 5%. This discount will be given in the form of cashback. However, to take advantage of this cashback, a minimum air ticket of Rs 3000 has to be purchased. Apart from this, the maximum cashback will be available only up to Rs 750 on purchasing air tickets with credit cards.

Another cashback offer

Apart from this, IndiGo has also offered cashback for those using Ka-Ching’s credit card. An additional 10% cashback will be given on purchase of air tickets with this credit card. At the same time, 20 percent cashback is being given on using this credit card for pre booking add-ons.

You can also get cheap air tickets like this

Cheap air can also be found in the days. In such a situation, it is necessary that he takes care of some things. First of all, keep in mind that try to book the earliest flight of the day. Usually the demand for tickets for morning flight is not high. In such a situation, the chances of getting a cheap ticket are more. At the same time, cheap air tickets can also be bought through pre booking. According to 1 survey, you can get it much cheaper if you buy an air ticket 47 days before the trip.

Another cheap airline is coming

The country’s well-known investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is preparing to bring a low cost airline in the country. Its name has been fixed as Akash Air. Work is being done on the plan to add 70 airplanes to this airline in 4 years. There are plans to invest around $35 million on this airline.

That’s why get cheap air tickets

Cheap air services could be given to the people because only essential facilities are provided to the passengers during air travel in these airlines. In such airlines, passengers are not provided with in-flight entertainment, food during the flight. Passengers who want to get this facility, they have to buy these services during the journey.



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