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Indigo Airlines Company announced the launch of new flight service to six new destinations; See full details here

IndiGo Airlines: After coping with the shock of the Covid situation, the country’s air transport is returning to its rhythm. The number of passengers is increasing on the planes. At the same time, the demand for international flights is increasing. Keeping that in mind, IndiGo is going to launch services to 6 destinations in Africa and Asia.

IndiGo Airlines: At present, the number of passengers in the country’s air transport is constantly increasing. Meanwhile, the country’s air travelers are facing multiple problems like service disruptions, high ticket prices. In this situation, IndiGo announced the expansion of its international flight services. The country’s leading airline said on Friday that the company is set to launch direct flights to six new destinations in Central Asia and Africa as part of a larger overseas expansion plan.

Regarding this plan, IndiGo has informed that Nairobi in Kenya and Jakarta in Indonesia will be connected by a direct flight from Mumbai in late July or early August. Passengers can reach Nairobi or Jakarta by a direct flight from Mumbai. Also in August Delhi airport will be connected with Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia and Azerbaijan. IndiGo plans to launch these new international flight services by the month of August. In addition to these four services, air services to Uzbekistan’s capital Tashkent and Kazakhstan’s largest and most developed city Almaty will be launched in September. This service is also going to be available for air passengers from Delhi Airport.

The airline, operated by Inter Globe Aviation, is set to launch 174 new weekly international flights between June and September 2023 based on growing international transport demand. It also includes new destinations and itineraries, which continue to cater to the growing demand for international travel to and from India.

As a result, IndiGo will successfully complete connectivity to a total of 32 international destinations when services are launched on these new routes. As a result passenger facilities will also increase a lot. Currently it serves 26 routes. Also, according to sources, IndiGo will resume operations of daily flight services from Delhi to Hong Kong in August itself. This flight service was suspended last three years due to covid situation. It is currently planned to reopen as the situation normalizes.

Currently, the demand for foreign travel is increasing rapidly in addition to overcoming the shock of Covid. Indigo has planned this expansion keeping that in mind. However, the company is going to face a strong competition from Air India owned by Tata in this range. Air India is expanding its international expansion strategies step by step in addition to already placing massive orders. IndiGo currently has over 57 percent domestic market share.

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