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Intense Rigour Gym & Fitness Centre: Recreate the body of your dreams

Intense Rigour is a premiere gym and fitness center in Sector 43 Gurgaon. You will be able to carry out a variety of activities such as yoga, cardio, weightlifting, and Aerobics classes. Working professionals, no longer need to be worried, because gym trainers at intense Rigour likely offer live training sessions to people to stay fit at home. Significantly Trainers are available seven days a week. Moreover, Gym opens from Monday to Saturday from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Additionally it remains open on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m

Who Founded Intense Rigour Gym & Fitness Centre?

Inder Rawat and Anil Singh are Founders of Intense Rigour gym and fitness center. Moreover, Inder Rawat has over 16 years of professional experience in the wellness and fitness industry. He is a degree holder in Nutrition & Weight Management, Customer Retentions, Business Marketing Skills, Human Anatomy and Physiology from the University of LONDON, England (YMCA Fit at Vauxhall, a home district in London).

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Interestingly, Inder Rawat has over 16 years of expertise in the Health and Fitness Industry. You can join now if you wish to Recreate the Body of Your Dreams. Even you can get personal training for powerlifting and weight training, as well as dietary advice and guidance from him.

What are the Intense Rigour Gym’s Vision and values?

Fitness is important to both Inder Rawat and Anil Singh because it helps people to stand out, therefore they launched the venture, a fitness club called Intense Rigour, with the brand vision “FITNESS FOR EVERYONE.”
Values Include:





What are the advantages of choosing an Intense Rigour Gym over others?

1. 5 Star Hospitality:

Gym and Fitness Center has properly equipped workout machines with zero-weights, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness equipment. Oxygen plants are installed in the Fitness Centre to ensure fresh natural air and a healthy atmosphere.

2. Trending and latest Workouts:

The Intense Rigour gym management works hard to ensure that you are happy and remain a healthy member of the gym. They are the largest, fully equipped fitness center in Sector 43 Sushant Lok area. Their main aim is for success, through five-star customer relations and an agenda/intent to remain relevant on fitness trends. Trainers at the gym keep you up to date on all of the modern types of equipment and training approaches. Their main goal is to assist you in achieving the body of your dreams.

3. Personal Training Programs:

One of the most difficult aspects of sticking to a workout plan is executing the routines and doing them regularly. If no one expects you to meet them at the gym, you’re much more likely to skip out, if you’d rather stay in bed or relax on the couch. Working with the trainer at Intense Rigour gym will provide you with the push you just want to get in your training, whether in person or in online sessions.

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4. REPs Qualified trainers

REPS India is a public registry that verifies fitness instructors’ qualifications and abilities. REPS’ purpose is to collaborate with the whole fitness sector to guarantee that all exercising professionals are appropriately educated and qualified to give safe and effective teaching, as well as to improve health and well-being in Indian people. Intense Rigour only employee REPs certified and experienced trainers because clients’ fitness and well-being are their topmost priority. They keep a fitness logbook for each client, which includes the client’s progress, goals, and dietary information. It is kept up to date by the trainer regularly to keep track of the fitness of its clients.

5. Equipped with modern infra & Equipment

The Intense Rigour gym’s equipment is modular and certified, with ultra-modern facilities and high-quality machines. Machines are custom-built rather than purchased off-the-shelf. Each machine is capable of stretching every part of your muscles, making you stronger and leaner day by day.

6. Creating the greatest workout regimens for the consumer

Few people have the privilege of getting a complete personal trainer to guide them through exercises every day. Intense Rigour gym assure the days are balanced, strength training every other day is more beneficial if only four resistance-training activities are performed. Their Trainers Break up the aerobic, strength exercises, and stretching sessions because all the exercises don’t all have to be done at the same time. They Ensure that the clients like their exercises and activities so that they will stick to the workout schedule and enjoy ahead of them every time. In fact trainers on regular basis ensure that clients’ workout is in line with their fitness goals.

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They offer a comprehensive solution to customer retention with the simple implementation outlined below:

1. Fitness Events:

Fitness events serve to strengthen the feeling of togetherness in the gym. The shared experience will aid in the connection of members and the feeling of loyalty towards the establishment. Events will indeed draw folks from the surrounding region who have never been to the gym or realize very little about what They do in their gym.

2. Emotional Hospitality:

Body shame is the primary motivator for many to begin working out at the gym. People are judged based on their appearance and body form. But, as you know, every person is different in terms of intellectual and understanding level. Sometimes it has a negative impact on people’s mental health; instead of pushing them to be healthy, Some people discourage them from working out. The Intense Rigour gym’s vision is fitness for everyone.

They encourage everyone in the gym to stay healthy and fit, and They provide emotional support so that clients may be consistent with their workout schedules.

3. Health and Wellness workshops

Health and Wellness Workshops and seminars can help the customers in proactively managing a wide range of concerns such as Fitness and Diet, Brain Fitness, and keeping them healthy throughout the year. They enhance the bottom line by empowering the clients to manage their health and well­being. They regularly schedule health and wellness workshops to ensure that clients remain motivated and mentally stable.

4. Other Benefits

On the floor, Trainer at Intense Rigour Gym provide assistance and support, assuring that members complete workouts with proper technique, They motivate existing members to participate in fitness challenges and competitions, Members are rewarded for their hard work in the gym, and Customers’ birthdays are being celebrated in the gym, therefore Personal Trainer also provides ongoing motivation to the clients.

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