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International flight fares hiked, Delhi-London flight tickets cost so much

Air travel has accelerated as soon as the second wave of Corona slows down. Due to this, air fares have increased significantly in recent times. The recent thing is that the business class ticket for the flight from London to Delhi has reached around Rs 5 lakh.

The business class fare for British Airways’ Delhi to London flight for August 26 reached Rs 4,96,155, while the economy class fare for the same flight went up to Rs 160,364 on the same day.

In the last one month, the fare of major international routes from India has increased significantly due to heavy demand. According to data, the average economy class fare for flights from Delhi to New York has increased from Rs 69,034 in July to Rs 87,542 in August.

This is the situation when the government has banned normal commercial international flights since March 23 last year. Right now only some special flights are running for those people who need to travel, such as students etc.

The average fare for Mumbai-Moscow flight economy class in the month of July was up to Rs 43,132. Similarly, the average economy class fare for Mumbai-Doha flight was up to Rs 11,719. But in August it has increased to Rs 85,024 and Rs 18,384 respectively.

People have started complaining on social media about this high air fare. Sanjeev Gupta, Secretary, Inter State Council Secretariat, Ministry of Home Affairs, Central Government tweeted, ‘Fare of British Airways flight from London to Delhi on 26th August is being charged at Rs 3.95 lakhs.’

Gupta said that the economy class fare for August 26 from London to Delhi flight Vistara and Air India flight is also being charged Rs 1.2 lakh and Rs 2.3 lakh respectively. In these days, due to the time of admission in UK, a large number of Indian students are going.

Regarding this, a Vistara spokesperson said, ‘The price always depends on the demand and supply. At present, only 15 flights have been allowed on the UK route from India. When there is softening and more capacity is allowed, the prices will automatically come down.



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