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IRCTC: Preparations To Run 60 More Private Trains! Know About The New Plan Of Railways

Tejas, the first private train in the country, was started in 2019. The first Tejas Express was started on the New Delhi-Lucknow route. Tejas is operated by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), a subsidiary of the Railways. At the same time, now news is coming that the operation of trains can be started on behalf of private companies on many more rail routes of the country. Bids (RFPs) were invited by Indian Railways for private train projects in three clusters. Railways have received bids from IRCTC and MEIL. Bids have been received from the Railways for three clusters Mumbai 2, Delhi 1 and Delhi 2 in the form of private train projects. According to media reports, there are preparations to start about 30 pairs of private train services (60 trains) in three clusters. There will be an investment of about Rs 7200 crore on these.

Regarding the operation of private trains on different routes in the country, the government says that private trains will run from March 2023. Tenders for this will be finalized by March 2021. Most of the private trains will be made in India under Make in India. However, private companies can take their own share in the rail operation.

How many private trains will run on how many routes in the country?

Last year, the government started work on a plan to allow 151 trains to run on 109 routes in the country. This plan was to allow private companies to operate. The Railway Ministry had also invited bids from private companies for this. The government also plans to give work to private companies in the modernization of the goods sheds of the railway station.

How much can private companies invest in rail infrastructure?

According to an estimate, there can be private investment of Rs 50 lakh crore on rail infrastructure. As Goyal said in his meeting that the Railways needs private investment of Rs 50 lakh crore, it is being estimated that private companies can invest this amount in the Railways. The Ministry of Railways has started its preparations considering this investment and the policy is also being finalized regarding how this investment will come.

How long will 151 private trains run in the country?

As part of the plan for private trains, the Railways plans to introduce 12 trains in 2022-23. It is planned to run 45 more trains in 2023-2024, 50 in 2025-26 and 44 more in the next financial year, taking the total number of trains to 151 by the financial year 2026-27. In a formal initiative to allow private companies to run passenger trains on its network, the Railways has invited proposals from companies to run 151 modern passenger trains on 109 pairs of routes across the country in the month of July.

What will be the fare for private trains and who will decide it?

According to a report, private companies will have the right to decide the fare of trains. Indian Railway Board chairman VK Yadav has told that private companies will have the freedom to decide the fare on their behalf.

Which companies are interested in running private trains?

Alstom, Bombardier Inc., GMR Infra Ltd and Adani Enterprises may participate in the rail operation. These private companies have expressed interest in rail projects.

Which private trains are running now?

IRCTC currently operates three trains in the country, which include Kashi-Mahakal Express, Lucknow-New Delhi Tejas and Ahmedabad-Mumbai Tejas Express on the Varanasi-Indore route. These three are private trains. Right now its operation is closed due to Corona.



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