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It is ‘good’ to have a cold in the Corona era, study reveals

Common cold-cold virus can protect us from corona virus. This has been revealed by researchers from the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom (UK). According to them, the common cold-cold virus, Rhinovirus, prevents the corona virus from making its replication. For this, the rhinovirus gives a special message to the body’s immune system, after which the immune system stops Kovid-19 from producing more viruses.

Scientists at Glasgow University’s Center for Virus Research (CVR) have claimed this. This new study has been published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases. This study has clearly claimed that the common cold-causing virus (Rhinovirus) helps prevent infection of the corona virus.

The whole world knows that of all the people who have a common cold and cold, 40 percent of them have a rhinovirus infection. Cold and cold do not last long. But when a virus is already present in the human body, then at that time, the other virus has to contend with it first in the body. That is, the one who stays in the body will win. That is, Survival of Fittest by Charles Darwin.

There are some viruses which live in human body along with their relatives. For example, Adenovirus can live in the body along with any other virus. But the viruses of common cold and cold want to remain on the battlefield alone. They enter the human body alone and want to be alone inside the body. In such a situation, if any other virus tries to enter the body, then war starts within the body.

With the help of this information, scientists of Glasgow University created a replica of the human respiratory tract. After this, the coronavirus and rhinovirus causing colds and colds were released together. So that these two can spread the infection together. Also, scientists can monitor their activities.

Scientists were surprised to see that the rhinovirus did not allow the coronavirus to enter the cells of the respiratory tract. Kept it out. This means that as long as the common cold-cold rhinovirus remains inside the body, the corona virus will not be able to enter the body completely. However, this study does not tell what will happen in the future.

The infection of rhinovirus remained strong for 24 hours. During this time, the corona virus could not enter the human body cells. This clearly means that when there is rhinovirus inside the body, till then you are not at risk of getting corona virus.

Professor Pablo Murcia, who conducted this study, said that the rhinovirus develops such an immune system inside the human body, due to which the respiratory epithelial cells, the outer cells of the respiratory system, prevent the corona virus from replicating. This means that if someone has a common cold and cold, then he gets a chance to escape from the corona. But only for a short time.

Pro. The rapid infection and severity of corona virus caused by Pablo Murcia rhinovirus can be reduced. This does not mean that the corona virus epidemic has ended with rhinovirus. Rhinovirus can give you relief from corona virus for a short time. It cannot protect you from corona virus for long.

The immunity developed due to rhinovirus starts to weaken in a few days. After this, the corona virus can attack the body. But when you can take advantage of this opportunity. Apply the Corona virus vaccine only when the cold and cold are cured. This will give you a chance to avoid the danger of corona virus.



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