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Jabalpur News: Happy Republic Day greetings of 51 thousand farmers in place of subsidy

Jabalpur, Naiduniya Representative. Vidisha has become the first district in the state, where farmers’ electricity subsidy money has been sent to the accounts. The farmers of Jabalpur’s Seoni were to be sent to the subsidy account, at the moment only their Republic Day greetings have been sent on mobile. It may take two to three months for the money to reach the accounts of the farmers of Seoni. The power company has not been able to open the accounts of the farmers yet. Explains that banks are creating technical difficulties to open virtual accounts.

The process was to be started in all three districts: It is to be known that electricity subsidy is to be sent to farmers’ account in the initial phase in three districts of the state. It includes Vidisha, Includes jhabua and suture. Apart from Vidisha, the money has not reached the account of the farmers in any district while this process was to be started in the three districts simultaneously. Based on the flaws found in it, the company would have decided the strategy ahead. It is said that there is a delay on behalf of the bank with whom the agreement to open the accounts of the farmers has been made. Here the entire preparation has been done by the East Zone Company. Subsidy is to be sent to the account of about 51750 farmers of Seoni, hence the company level testing is being done to deliver timely messages on their mobiles. In this, messages were sent on the mobile of farmers during the New Year also. Now on Republic Day, the investigation was done by sending congratulatory messages on the mobiles of all the farmers. In this, the mobile phones of about 1100 consumers have been found closed, whose numbers are to be changed. They have not received the message. The company will take new numbers from the farmers whose numbers are closed so that they can be added to the data.

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What is the plan: 90 percent of the government subsidizes the electricity bill to farmers. The remaining 10 percent electricity bill has to be submitted to the farmers. In such a situation, the government will issue subsidy to farmers only after filling the 10 percent bill. For this, a virtual account of every farmer will be opened. As soon as the farmer has deposited 10 percent of the bill, after that the government will put the subsidy amount in the account of the farmer. The power management company will take this amount in its own account and give it to the distribution companies. The farmer will not be able to withdraw any amount from the said accounts.




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