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Jacqueline’s private image with Sukesh goes viral, how are photos and videos leaked from the phone?

The troubles of Bollywood star Jacqueline Fernandez are increasing. Now a private photo of Jacqueline with Sukesh Chandrashekhar is going viral. In this, Sukesh is kissing on Jacqueline’s nose and love bite is visible on the neck of the actress.

Jacqueline has also reacted on this photo. She has appealed to the people and media persons not to share this photo. But, the question arises that how do these private photos or videos get leaked from the phone? Here we are telling you some such reasons due to which user’s photos and videos get leaked from the phone.

The biggest hand in this is of malicious software. Malicious software monitors your device and such apps can also upload photos or videos from your phone to the server. When you give permission to an unknown app to access a photo or gallery, it can also misuse data for you.

Celebrity photos are also leaked through Password Guessing. Software is used to guess the password of an account. It works on a very simple principal. If your password can be easily remembered then it can also be easily cracked.

The computer tries to guess the password by using the common password through trial and error method from Password Guessing. For this reason, security experts advise people to create strong passwords.

After this, using system level attack, an attempt is made to leak photos and videos. In this, professional hackers hack the target’s device and leak its photos and videos. Apart from this, they also try to get photos by targeting Google Drive, Photos, iCloud.

Social engineering is also a fairly common method to access target photos. By the way, hackers who can break into iCloud, Dropbox or other famous systems, they take the help of Social Engineering for this. Let us tell you that Social Engineering is such a way that hackers use social technology to get people to share the necessary information.

There is also a very common method in this, the person whom you trust and give your phone to, leak the personal photo from your phone. No technical knowledge is required for this.

What actually happened in Jacqueline’s case will be known only after investigation, but here we have told you the reason due to which the photo or video leaks from the phone.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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