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Jhanvi Kapoor did such a thing to help the poor girl, everyone was stunned

A video of Bollywood actress Jhanvi Kapoor made a lot of headlines on social media. In this video, the actress had borrowed money from the driver to help the poor girl.

New Delhi: There are some videos which touch the heart. One such video had made a lot of headlines on social media. This video was of actress Janhvi Kapoor. In which the actress was recognized by a poor girl. The girl started asking for some help from the actress. After this, what the actress did is commendable.

Poor girl met Jhanvi Kapoor on the road

Jhanvi Kapoor was walking on the road of Mumbai. During this, as soon as the actress came near her car, she met a girl. Seeing Jhanvi, the girl came to her. She started telling Jhanvi that she had given the last time, Didi. Jhanvi started smiling after hearing this loving quote of the girl. After this the actress sat down in the car.

The actress did not have cash

As soon as Jhanvi sat in the car, she picked up the bag kept on the back seat of the car. After that she started looking for cash in it. Seeing the actress looking for cash, her driver said something to the actress and she took out the cash from her purse and started giving it to the actress. After this, Jhanvi opened the door of the car and called the girl and gave the cash.

Fans were happy to see generosity

This video had made a lot of headlines on social media. Even the fans of Jhanvi liked this video very much. Some people praised the generosity of the actress, while some fans were impressed by the nature of the actress.

Jhanvi had already helped the girl child

In the video, the girl was seen telling Jhanvi Kapoor that you have already helped sister. It is so clear from this that Jhanvi has helped this girl in the past as well. In such a situation, when this girl again sought help from Jhanvi, the actress could not stop herself and lovingly extended a helping hand towards the girl.



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