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Jio Airfiber 599 Plan Unlimited Data Check Installation Price OTT Benefits And More

Jio AirFiber is becoming quite popular in small towns, villages and cities these days. Because 5G service has reached these areas. Also, every household has 5 to 10 mobile connections. In such a situation, the total monthly cost of each mobile connection is becoming very high. In such a situation, in the monthly plan of Jio AirFiber of Rs 599, the entire locality is using internet through Wi-Fi. In this plan, other Wi-Fi connected devices including TV and CCTV cameras of the house can be connected.

Internet is available everywhere in cities. However, as soon as it reaches villages, the internet starts to die down. Because optical fiber is not available in villages and small towns. In such a situation, the only support for internet is mobile tower. However, Jio has come up with a new solution Jio Airfiber, in which you will be able to install Wi-Fi service in the house without the help of optical fiber. With this, your entire neighborhood will be able to enjoy the facility of high-speed internet. With this, you will be able to enjoy movies and shows by connecting your TV, mobile, CCTV camera and any other Wi-Fi connecting device. Also, you will be able to enjoy app based services like Netflix, Jio Cinema, Disney Plus Hotstar.

How many devices will be able to connect

10 devices can be connected to Jio AirFiber at a time. This includes laptops, computers, mobiles and CCTV cameras. However, internet speed may decrease due to more devices being connected.

How much will have to be charged

The starting price of Jio AirFiber plan is Rs 599. You will have to pay 18 percent GST separately on this. In such a situation, your monthly expense will be around Rs 701. 1000 GB data will be given in this plan. This plan will provide a speed of 100 Mbps. Also, uploading speed of 30 to 40 mbps is available. Along with this, free subscription of about 15 OTT apps is also given. Apart from Rs 599, there are plans of Rs 899 and Rs 1199, which users can take according to their data consumption.

How to install Jio AirFiber?

Jio AirFiber is a wireless Wi-Fi service. It can be installed in villages and remote areas where wired Wi-Fi service is not available. For this, you have to place an installation request from My Jio App. After this you have to make payment. For this, you will have to pay Rs 1000 installation charge. But if you take a 1 year plan, then the installation is free. In this, 10mbps high speed internet service is provided. Along with this, security money also has to be paid.

Where is Jio AirFiber service available

Jio Air Fiber is not available in all areas. It has been rolled out specifically in those areas where 5G service has become available.

For which areas is Jio Air Fiber service available

Reliance Jio launched Jio Air Fiber last year to bring network coverage to areas where broadband coverage is low. The highest demand for Jio Air Fiber is coming from tier-2 cities. To attract customers, Jio has also launched many affordable plans starting from Rs 599. The company’s target is to connect 10 crore premises with this service. The company has also launched a streaming plan, which includes 15 streaming apps with a fixed broadband package.

5G changed the picture

Actually, 5G network has reached almost every village in India. In such a situation, high speed internet service can be enjoyed with the help of Jio AirFiber. Mobile network analytics company OpenSignal has said in a report that it is because of Jio’s standalone 5G network that Jio Air Fiber is able to provide data at great speed to its customers. Open Signal believes that customers of Jio’s fixed wireless service i.e. Jio Air Fiber consume an average of 400 GB of data per month.

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