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Jio New Offer: Reliance Jio’s tremendous plan 199 in 1000 GB data and unlimited calling

Ever since Reliance Jio has entered the market, the entire environment of other Internet service providers has deteriorated. Actually, bringing internet to common people through cheap internet by Reliance Jio proved to be a big step. Before the arrival of Reliance Jio, very expensive data was provided by other companies, due to which common people had to face a lot of problems to run internet and social media. But due to Reliance, the reach of social media reached from the common man to the common man.

What is new Reliance Jio’s new offer

Let us tell you that Reliance is now going to bring an even more beneficial plan for its customers through Reliance Jio Fiber. It is being told that 1000 GB data i.e. 1TB data is going to be provided by Reliance Jio Fiber in broadband service for only ₹ 199.

Yes friends, this will prove to be a new revolution of internet in India. After this announcement made by Reliance Jio Fiber, now other companies providing data service may have to face even more losses.

1000 GB data and unlimited calling for just ₹ 199

1000 GB data will be given for 7 days by Reliance Jio Fiber for ₹ 199. Along with this, unlimited calling facility will also be given to the customer. After the end of 7 days, the internet speed will be 1MB. But still getting 1000 GB data for ₹ 199 is not a small thing.

In such a situation, this plan is going to prove to be very beneficial for the customer of Reliance Jio. Let us tell you that through the broadband service, Reliance Jio has emerged as the strongest in the fiber sector and has been successful in impressing all types of customers from general to middle class.

Let us tell you that ever since Reliance Jio has been launched, it has been constantly present with new plans for its customers. All these internet and calling plans prove to be very economical, due to which people have become more and more inclined towards Jio. In such a situation, its smartphone has also been launched by Reliance Jio last Diwali.



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