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Kajol was seen running at the airport, trolled, someone said ‘Rajdhani Express’, then someone said – have to go to the washroom

Kajol is one of the most popular actress of Bollywood. As much as Kajol’s pair is a hit with Shah Rukh Khan, she is also a favorite of social media trolls. It is very rare that Kajol comes in public and she should not be targeted for anything. So this time these superstars are facing questions on social media regarding their walk.

Kajol reached the airport

Actually, on Sunday, some paparazzi captured Kajol in their camera at the airport. Celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani has uploaded a video on social media in which she is seen moving very fast. Looks like the actress was in a hurry. However, after watching the video, netizens started trolling the actress for walking by calling her ‘Rajdhani Express’.

A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani)

Got trolled

One of the trolls wrote, ‘Pressure will be fast,’ while another wrote, ‘Will have to go to the washroom.’ Another user commented, ‘Bina seems to be running away without makeup.’ The fourth wrote, ‘Must be running in the tension of cleaning the house.. Bolo Zuban Kesari.’

Let us tell you that in the year 2021, Kajol was trolled badly on her birth. It happened that Kajol’s fans and paparazzi reached outside her house with a cake on her birthday. At first she did not come out, even when she came, the style was so harsh that the social media users were very upset. The actress simply cut the cake from a distance and ran inside.

By the way, not only Kajol, her daughter Nyasa is also making headlines with her bold statement. Recently, she has shared pictures of her New Year celebrations on social media, which are becoming tremendously viral. People are asking Nyasa if she has started taking fashion tips from her mama?



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