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Kamya Punjabi shares her dream home, Red ribbon of new house cut from Sasu Maa

TV actress Kamya Punjabi has recently shifted to her new house, a glimpse of which the actress shared on social media. let’s watch…

Mostly many people dream of buying their dream home since childhood and if you got a chance to fulfill that dream with your life partner, then this happiness becomes even more special. TV popular actress Kamya Panjabi is also one of the lucky people who recently bought a new apartment with her husband Shalabh Dang. The actress has also shared beautiful pictures of her dream home on social media. So let’s show you those photos.

Before looking at these pictures, know that Kamya and Shalabh were married on 10 February 2020. At the age of 40, Kamya became a bride again and this is Shalabh’s second marriage. Kamya married Bunty Negi in the year 2003 before marrying Shalabh. However, both of them divorced in 2013. Kamya also has a daughter (Ara) from Bunty Negi, who lives with her mother. At the same time, Shalabh also has a son from his first marriage.

Now show you beautiful photos of Kamya’s new house. Actually, the actress has shared some glimpses of her new house with an Instagram handle in which her mother-in-law is seen cutting the red ribbon at the entrance of the house. On this photo, Kamya wrote, “This is my mother-in-law and this is my new home. Thank you Bappa #HappyNewYear #HappyNewHouseToUs @shalabhdang. “Shalabh has also shared a picture of his mother cutting the ribbon.

Kamya shares a deep bonding with her mother-in-law. In August 2020, the actress shared a picture, in which her mother-in-law was seen showering lots of love on Kamya. With this photo, the actress wrote in her caption, “My lovely women. #motherinlawlove. ”

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After marriage, Kamya shared in a conversation with ‘Bombay Times’ how she was fiercely dancing at her wedding reception. The actress had told, “I wanted my marriage only in the presence of family and close friends, although apart from this, it took place in a gurdwara. However, I wanted to celebrate the new beginning of my life with the people who matter to me. So, I hosted a reception. I did not want to make it a typical function where the newly wed couple are on the stage and meet the guests. I wanted to be very involved in it and to dance openly. ”

Earlier, on 30 August 2020, Kamya shared a video of Ganapati celebrations, in which she can be seen romantically proposing her husband. In this video, the actress is seen sitting on one knee with flowers in one of her hands, while Shalabh gets emotional during this time and hugs his wife. With this video, Kamya wrote, “When I sat on my knees to show her what she meant to me, her reaction was such that I could even die by seeing her.” I love you Shalabh Dong. Stay in the flight safely. I’m just missing you. He is not an actor, he has nothing to do with camera facing. ” Commenting on this, Shalabh wrote, “Love you to @panjabikamya you have seized me with flowers and your gesture because this is the first time that you have done this for anyone. Missing you right now, see you soon.

Right now, the beginning of the year 2021 has been a big bang for Kamya and Shalabh. So how did you like the couple’s new home? Please let us know by commenting, as well as any suggestions.




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