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Kapil Sharma’s elder brother does this work, the comedian himself is proud of him

You all must know about Kapil Sharma. There is no need to tell how great comedy he does. But do you know what work Kapil Sharma’s elder brother does.

New Delhi: Kapil Sharma is a name that is known by everyone in the whole country. His comedy has crores of fans. But do you know what the elder brother of Kapil Sharma, who tickles people, does?

Kapil Sharma’s elder brother

Kapil Sharma has been entertaining people for a long time with ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. This show always maintains its place in the race of TRP. Kapil has gained a lot of popularity from this show, due to which he has become a household name. In this show of Kapil, famous actors and actresses of Bollywood come for the promotion of their film. But do you know what Kapil Sharma’s elder brother does?

kapil is proud of his brother

Kapil Sharma’s brother does such work, due to which Kapil Sharma himself is also proud of his brother. Comedian’s brother is in a position which not only Kapil Sharma but the whole country respects. The actor has only one brother who is older than him and his name is Ashok Sharma.

Work in police department

Kapil Sharma’s brother Ashok Sharma is in Amritsar Police, he is also in the post of Head Constable. This is the reason why the whole of Amritsar knows him. As a security guard, Kapil Sharma is very proud of his brother. Let us tell you that Kapil Sharma’s father was also in the police and after his death, the post of father was given to Kapil’s elder brother.



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