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Karisma Kapoor shared such a video as soon as she gave a hint of the second marriage, giving a hint of the caption

The latest video of Karisma Kapoor is going viral on social media. Which is giving further air to the news of the hint of the actress’s second marriage.

Karishma Kapoor Wedding: After divorce from Sanjay Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor is living her life comfortably with both her children. The actress also gets spotted with her children every day. But in response to the fan’s question, the actress said such a thing that the news of hints of second marriage got louder. Meanwhile, the actress said such a thing on social media, these news are getting more air.

Shared video

Karisma Kapoor has shared a video on her official social media account. This video is from the film of the actress. In which Karishma is seen dancing to the music of the song. While sharing the video of this song, the actress said such a thing that it is being linked to the news of marriage.

A post shared by Karisma Kapoor (@therealkarismakapoor)

Wrote this caption

Sharing the video on Instagram, the actress wrote the caption – ‘Be fierce and fly high.’ The caption of the actress’s fly high is forcing the fans to think of something else somewhere.

Had ‘Ask Me Anything’ session

Karisma Kapoor had an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Instagram. During this, the fans of the actress also asked her many funny and personal questions, which the actress answered. During this, people asked Karisma Kapoor her favorite food, favorite stars, favorite color and even if she would remarry?

Said this on the question of marriage

The ‘Ask Me Anything’ session was going on that in the meantime one of her fans asked the actress a very personal question, the question was, will she get married again? While answering the question of marriage, Karisma Kapoor, while sharing a confused gif, wrote that ‘Depends’ means it depends.



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