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Katrina Kaif gets wedding gifts worth crores from Ex! What did Salman-Ranbir give?

The biggest wedding of the year 2021 i.e. Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif’s wedding was completed with pomp. Everything was royal and luxurious in Vicky-Katrina’s wedding. It is being given the tag of the most expensive wedding of the year 2021. But do you know that in this Lavish Wedding, Vicky-Katrina have been given expensive gifts by their friends and people associated with the industry. You may be jealous knowing about them.

The most discussed are the gifts of Katrina Kaif’s ex-boyfriends. Do you know what Ranbir Kapoor and Salman Khan have given Katrina Kaif for their wedding gift? In this report, let’s talk about the expensive gifts received by Katrina-Vicky.

According to the report of Bollywood Life, Salman Khan has gifted a Range Rover worth 3 crores to Katrina Kaif. It is not hidden from anyone how much Salman Khan likes Katrina. Even after the breakup, there is a good bond between the two actors. Katrina also shares the screen with Salman. Their onscreen pairing is a hit.

At the same time, the talk of Ranbir Kapoor gifting a diamond necklace to the actress is coming to the fore. The price of this diamond necklace is being told as 2.7 crores. Katrina does not share a good bond with Ranbir like Salman. Both shy away from coming together. In such a situation, how much truth is there in Ranbir’s gift to Katrina, only the actress can tell better.

Let’s talk about the gifts of other guests. According to the news, Alia Bhatt has gifted a basket of perfume to the newlywed couple, which is worth lakhs.

Katrina Kaif’s neighbor Anushka Sharma has gifted her diamond earrings worth 6.4 lakhs. At the same time, the talk of giving an expensive painting of 1.5 lakhs to the newlywed couple of Shahrukh Khan is coming to the fore.

Hrithik Roshan has gifted Vicky Kaushal the superbike BMW G310 R. Its price is 3 lakhs. Taapsee Pannu has given Vicky Kaushal a platinum bracelet. Which is 1.4 lakhs.

Everyone’s gifts are done, now also know what gift Vicky Kaushal gave to his bride Katrina Kaif. According to reports, the actor has gifted Katrina Kaif a diamond ring worth 1.3 crores. At the same time, Katrina Kaif has gifted her husband Vicky Kaushal’s apartment in Mumbai worth 15 crores. There is no official confirmation about all these gifts, information has come out quoting these reports.



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