Farmers Protest: Big news! Supreme Court bans new agricultural laws, know what will happen next

Good News: Millions of pensioners can benefit, Supreme Court may decide big
Good News: Millions of pensioners can benefit, Supreme Court may decide big

Farmers Protest: There is big news about Kisan Andolan that the Supreme Court has banned three new agricultural laws till the next order. The hearing is going on in the Supreme Court on the petitions filed for the new agriculture laws and farmers’ protests. The court has also constituted a committee to talk to the farmers.

The Supreme Court said on Monday that the farmers’ concerns need to be placed before the committee.

Advocate ML Sharma on behalf of the farmers in the Supreme Court said that the farmers are not in favor of the committee and we want to return the laws. He said that farmers’ land will be sold.

During the hearing, the Chief Justice asked the lawyer who was saying that the land would be sold? On this, ML Sharma said that if we contract with the company and the crop quality is not good, then the company will ask for compensation from them.

On this, the CJI said that we will say in the interim order that there will be no contract on the land.

The Chief Justice said, ‘We want the farmers to go to the committee, we want a solution to this issue and indefinite performance will not solve it.’ He said, ‘No one can stop us from forming a committee. The committee that will be formed will report to us.

CJI said that the committee we are making for ourselves and the committee will report to us. Anyone can go before the committee.

Court forms a committee for negotiation

The Supreme Court has constituted a committee to resolve this issue and to avoid farmers. A total of four people will be included in this committee, including Jitendra Singh Mann of the Indian Farmers Union, Dr. Pramod Kumar Joshi, agricultural experts Ashok Gulati and Anil Shetkari.

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