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Lady doctor shared such hot pictures, license was also lost and travel was also banned

Hot pictures of Lady Doctor: These days, strange laws are coming out about women in Afghanistan by the Taliban government. But other countries of the world are not far behind in making strange rules regarding women. Because now a lady doctor has been punished for sharing some of her bo*ld and hot pictures on social media. The case is of Myanmar where a doctor by profession, Nang Mwe San, has been given a Talibani decree regarding her bo*ld pictures.

The matter is that Myanmar’s doctor Nang Mwe San has been punished for sharing hot pictures. As a punishment, her medical license has been revoked. That is, now she cannot treat the patient.

Not only this, when Doctor Nang Mwe San heard her sentence, she decided that she would leave her country and settle somewhere else, then she came to know that her travel was also banned.

Let us tell you that this Myanmar doctor always wanted to become a model, but she became a doctor at the behest of her parents. But even after this, she retained her hobby. Her pictures are highly praised on social media.

Some people of this Islamic country are calling her pictures a crime. That’s why now 33-year-old San has also been fired from the job by the hospital administration.

According to the report, when these allegations were made against her, the authorities confiscated her passport on March 31. But till now she is not able to go to Bangkok to meet her ailing father. San has raised her voice against this atrocity on herself as unfair and has called it a violation of human rights in front of the media. (All photos courtesy: Instagram@NangMweSan)



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