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Land registry increased in this state, so many documents were registered on the very first day

Bihar Land Registry: Land registry has increased in Bihar after the order of the Supreme Court. After the court order, 514 land documents were registered in West Champaran on the very first day. At the same time, booking of 106 slots has been done in Bettiah Jill Under Registration Office. On average, each office takes a century to register the land. In fact, the High Court had put a stay on it on 22 February.

Bihar Land Registry: After the order of the Supreme Court, registration of land documents has increased in the sub-registration offices of the district. Now the registration offices have returned to brightness instead of desolation. On the very first day of Monday, more than 514 people got their land registered in all the five registration offices of Bettiah, Chanpatia, Lauria, Narkatiyaganj and Bagaha.

If we look at the figures, on an average each office has spent a century in registering the land. District Under Registrar Amarendra Kumar said that the Supreme Court has ordered to do the registration as per the old rule, in which the requirement of Jambandidars of the land in the name of the land owner has been abolished. Now land holders can register the land of Jamabandidars in the name of their ancestors.

If we look at the figures, those who have done land registration in Bettiah Registration Office have booked 106 slots. Whereas in Chanpatia 101, Lauria 101, Narkatiaganj 104 and Bagaha 102, people have booked stots. According to the office source, due to registration of land as per the old rules, the number of stots booked will increase. Due to which the revenue will also increase.

The High Court had imposed a ban on 22 February

On February 22, the High Court had banned the registry of such lands in whose names the land was not registered. According to the order, only he could sell the land. This means that the person whose name will be registered in Register 2 in the zonal office. You can sell the land there. There was now a ban on selling by other people.

The order to implement the new rule was given by Deputy Registration Inspector General Manoj Kumar Sanjay on the instructions of the High Court. There was talk that the benefits of the rule would be available in the coming days and there would be a huge reduction in land disputes. After which there was a significant reduction in the booking of slots for land registration in the registration offices. Revenue was also being lost.

The requirement for the land to be in the name of the depositors is no longer required.

After the Supreme Court stayed the order of the High Court, the requirement of the land being in the name of the Jamabandidars has ended for the time being. Now anyone can sell land in the name of their ancestors. In such a situation, the forces of land mafia will come out again.

Now they will start the work of buying and selling land from the descendants and relatives of the Jamabandidars, whereas after the order of the High Court, their activity had reduced three months ago. The landholders got a lot of relief.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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