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Latest update on 18 months pending DA arrears of employees, 2 lakh will be credited in the account soon!

If the basic pay of Level-1 employees is Rs 18,000-56000, then the arrears of DA can be made up to (4,320+3,240+4,320) = 11,880 and (13,656 + 10,242 + 13,656) = Rs 37,554.

New Delhi: 7th Pay Commission. Central Government employees can get good news soon. One and a half year wait for outstanding DA arrears may be over. According to the latest media reports, after the budget allocation, the Modi government can consider the outstanding DA arrears of one and a half years and the employees can be paid the amount as a lump sum. This will benefit about 1 crore employees and according to different levels, the salary will increase by 1 to 2 lakhs, which will be a hefty amount. However, no official statement or confirmation has been made by the government.

According to media reports, central employees and pensioners currently taking benefit of 31% Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief are waiting for 18 months of outstanding DA arrears. Employees have been waiting for a long time from January 2020 to June 30, 2021 (18 Months DA Arrear). Demanding arrears of dearness allowance for about 18 months, earlier it was being said that it could be agreed in the budget 2022 and Modi cabinet meeting to be held on February 2, but it could not happen and the government also clarified Given that no idea yet, although the employees are hopeful that the Modi government will consider giving DA arrears in 2022 and will soon find a solution for it. The same lump sum amount can be transferred to the accounts to give relief to the employees.

According to media reports, JCM’s National Council Secretary (Staff Side) Shiv Gopal Mishra told that the council has made a demand to the central government but no solution has been found so far. According to sources, discussions are on with the Cabinet Secretary, but a solution can be found only after the budget allocation. There is a demand of the trade union that the arrears of dearness allowance should be paid in a lump sum. Go. The same Indian Pensioners’ Forum has also written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to intervene in this whole matter and issue directions soon.

DA arrears will be paid according to the level

Actually, the DA of central employees is updated twice a year by the central government between January and July. For this, the current rate of dearness allowance is multiplied by the basic pay and the complete calculation of dearness allowance is done. If DA arrears are decided in 2022, then a huge amount will come in the hands of the employees. In this, the salary will be made according to different levels. For example, if the basic salary of Level-1 employees is Rs 18,000-56000, then the outstanding DA arrears (4,320+3,240+4,320) = 11,880 and (13,656 + 10,242 + 13,656) ) = Rs 37,554 can be done. The same level-13 (7th CPC basic pay scale Rs 1,23,100 to Rs 2,15,900) and level-14 (pay scale) will get DA arrears of Rs 1,44,200 to Rs 2,18,200.



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