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Learn in 5 points Why not get a cheap 5G smartphone now?

Whenever you make up your mind to pick up the phone in 2021, the first 5G phone will come to mind. But the question is whether it is right to take a 5G phone right now. Because ever since Mukesh Ambani has announced to bring 5G in 2021, there has been a lot of buzz in the market about 5G phones. In recent days, cheap 5G phones are knocking in large quantities. At the same time, 5G phones are going to be launched in an even lower price this year. In such a situation, it is natural to ask questions about these phones. What is the benefit of taking a cheap 5G phone right now? So let us try to answer these questions only in five points.

First answer: There is no benefit right now, standard is not fixed on 5G network in India.

As you know, any mobile network operates at a radio frequency that we call spectrum. 4G networks in India can be run on multiple spectrums including 800, 900, 1800, 1900, 2300 and 2700 MHz and these spectrum bands were already available in India or used by network operators for 2G and 3G. Similarly for 5G also the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) has determined the spectrum of the spectrum, but till now there is no auction of spectrum for 5G in India or say that the spectrum itself has not been determined.

If I go to define 5G technology, it will take a lot of time but I will try to explain you in less words.

3GPP first set the standard for 5G in late 2017. But when 5G was first commercially launched in 2019, 5G NR was introduced. 5G NR uses two types of frequency range. Frequency Range 1 which is known as 5G NR FR1 in short form. At the same time, another Frequency Range 2 which is known as 5G NR FR2 in short form. It is not yet certain in India which frequency band will play.

The 5G NR FR1 works at sub-6 GHz ie 6,000 MHz or below. That is, by upgrading 5G at the frequency that frequency bands are currently using for 2G, 3G or 4G in India.

At the same time, 5G NR FR2 is a high frequency band and also known as millimeter web, it is a very powerful radio frequency with weblength ranging from 10 to 1 millimeter. 24–100GHz frequency range is used for 5G.

The standard has been set at the global level and many countries have started 5G NR as per their convenience, but in India, at present, it is not known which standard will be used for 5G. That is, FR1 or FR2 will be used. The spectrum will be determined only after the auction.

So if you are planning to get a cheap 5G phone, then you may be at a loss as was seen at the time of 4G. People had taken 4G LTE phones while coming to the VoLTE network, they faced problems and their phones became somewhat useless.

Second answer: no use, 5G network development in India will take a lot of time

as we have already said that the 5G network has not yet arrived and even if it does, it will not come completely like 4G at once. If you remember, 4G service was launched long ago by Airtel and Vodafone but was available in very few places. When Reliance knocked all over the country at once, quickly the other operators also developed 4G service well.

But in 5G, Jio will also not be able to launch simultaneously across the country. If the 5G service arrives, the company will develop it by doing circles one by one and maybe where there is more crowds, 4G can be found first such as metro cities like Delhi and cities like Mumbai. It may take more than a year to come to small towns and villages.

In such a situation, if you are planning a cheap 5G plan, then there is no use yet.

Third answer: no use at all, 5G fee will be too much in the beginning

As I mentioned there will not be simultaneous launches. In such a situation, after the introduction of 5G, companies will charge more in the beginning and as the user base gets bigger or services will come in smaller cities, the fee will be reduced. Initially 5G premium charges will have to be paid and network will not be found everywhere. In such a situation, if you are planning a cheap 5G phone then according to me, do not take it at the moment.

Fourth answer: No, there is no use. You will have to compromise with the specification

if you are taking a cheap phone, then obviously you will want to use it only for a year or two. In such a situation, if you are throwing money in the 5G affair, then you may have to compromise the rest of the specifications like processor, RAM, memory and camera. Whereas if 5G comes in the next six months or even a year, then you will not be able to use it fully. Also Read: Realme X7 Pro smartphone with strong performance coming, will be special for gaming lovers

Fifth answer: There is no use. By the time 5G arrives, your phone will be outdated, even

if you take a 5G phone in mid-range, you will not enjoy the speed. Because by the time the 5G service will knock in India and develop it, your new phone today will be outdated. The specifications of your phone will become old and the technology will also become old. Overall, even on 5G, you will not get full speed and will feel 4G only.

In such a situation, my advice would be that right now, it is better to take a better 4G phone than taking anything in the name of 5G, which can be fully utilized. Today’s processors and RAM will be outdated by the time the 5G service is launched in India and is developed.


Parvesh Maurya
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