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LIC New Pension: 12 thousand rupees pension every month from this scheme of LIC

LIC of India: If you also want to get a fixed income every month after retirement, then this scheme of LIC will give you a pension of 12000 rupees every month, you just have to invest only this much money.

New Delhi : There is an age fixed for a person to work. After which one has to retire. In this case, meet the expenses after retirement. This question is in everyone’s mind. That’s why it is necessary to make a good financial plan before retirement. The younger you start planning. The bigger the fund you can deposit. LIC provides the benefits of various types of pension plans to its customers. One of these is Saral Pension Yojana. It is a non-linked, single premium and individual immediate annuity scheme. A lump sum investment has to be made in this scheme.

The minimum age for investing in Saral Pension Yojana is 40 years and maximum is 80 years. It can be surrendered after 6 months from the inception of the policy. You can take LIC Saral Pension Yojana singly or jointly. The premium has to be paid only once in this scheme. Then you get pension for the rest of your life. The special thing is that pension starts getting only after taking the policy.

What are the features of Saral Pension Yojana?

You can take the policy in two ways, single or joint. In single life the policy is in the name of one person. After the death of the policyholder, the basic premium amount will be paid to the nominee. In joint policy both husband and wife can get pension together. As long as the primary pensioner is alive, he will continue to get pension. On his death the wife will get pension.

How much pension will be received in Saral Pension Yojana?

In this scheme, investors can take monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual pension. Monthly pension is one thousand rupees, quarterly pension is 3000 rupees, half yearly pension is 6000 rupees and annual pension is at least 12 thousand rupees. There is no limit on the maximum amount of pension.

Loan facility in Saral Pension Yojana

Loan facility is available in LIC Saral Pension Yojana. Customers can apply for the loan after six months of starting the investment in the scheme. At the same time, in case of medical emergency, you can withdraw the money deposited in the policy.

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