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LIC Plan: Get Rs 6,859 every month by paying a premium, know the details of the scheme

You would also like that your old age should be cut comfortably. You should not have any tension from the side of money. This thinking is correct. But planning is also necessary for this. If you want to keep getting a fixed amount every month, then for this you have to invest in the right option. There are many such plans and schemes, in which a fixed amount is given every month as a pension. LIC offers one such plan. The name of its monthly pension plan is Jeevan Akshay Plan. You have to pay only one premium in this plan and you will get a fixed pension every month.

Know the details of the scheme

The money you invest in this scheme, you start getting regular income through interest on that amount. A fixed amount is paid every month to the policyholder throughout the life. That is, once you pay the money, you are entitled to get a fixed income every month from LIC, which is the largest and government insurance company in the country.

This is the age law

An Indian individual can invest in this policy online or offline. But an age limit has also been fixed for this, only people between 30 to 85 years can invest in LIC’s Jeevan Akshay policy. In Jeevan Akshay Yojana, you will get a monthly pension of Rs 3 thousand by paying a premium of Rs 1 lakh in one go. The higher the investment amount, the higher your pension amount.

How to get Rs 6,859 per month

You have to invest Rs 9,16,200 together to get a pension of Rs 6,859 every month. On this investment, you will get a sum assured of Rs 9 lakh. You will also get the benefit of one percent tax exemption. After this your monthly pension will be Rs 6859, half yearly pension Rs 42000, quarterly pension Rs 20745 and annual pension Rs 86,265.

There are total 10 options

In Jeevan Akshay Yojana, investors get 10 types of options on payment of lump sum amount. Under this scheme, you can take pension annually, half yearly, quarterly or even every month. As long as the policyholder survives, he gets pension.

Get Rs.17 lakh on monthly expenditure of Rs.233

LIC’s Jeevan Labh policy is the policy in which you can get an amount of Rs 17 lakhs every month by investing just Rs 233. Jeevan Labh is a time-bound, limited-premium-paying, non-linked and with-profit endowment plan from LIC. It offers both protection and savings. At the time of maturity, the policyholder can receive a lump sum payment. In case the policyholder dies unexpectedly, this plan will provide financial assistance to the family before the maturity of the policy. This policy has nothing to do with the stock market. That is, fluctuations in the market have no effect on your money. You can invest in this LIC plan for your children’s marriage, education and home purchase.

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