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LIC Policy: Deposit Rs 76 everyday in this policy, get more than 10 lakhs on maturity, know- what is the benefit with this?

LIC Policy: By depositing Rs 76 everyday in LIC’s Jeevan Anand policy, you can get Rs 10,33,000 on maturity.

LIC Policy: It is necessary to save for a better future. So that at a given time you have the money that you need. If you also want to save and take a good policy, then your search can end here. LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) has such a plan, in which the nominee gets a better return on maturity and the family gets a good amount even in the event of death.

Here we are talking about LIC’s Jeevan Anand policy. Under this policy, if you are saving Rs 76 per day at the age of 24, then after 21 years you will get Rs 10.33 lakh.

The policy can be purchased after the age of 18 years. In this policy, the premium term and the policy term are same. That is, for the number of years the policy is in place, the premium will have to be paid for the same number of years. If you are above 18 years of age then you can take this policy. In this you get two types of bonus.

The older the policy, the higher the benefit of vested Simple Revision Bonus. At the same time, it is necessary for the policy to be of 15 years to avail the additional bonus.

Minimum Sum Assured is Rs 1 lakh

If the person dies during the policy, the nominee will get a death benefit of 125 percent of the Sum Assured. In case of death after the term, the nominee will get an amount equal to the sum assured. In this, the minimum sum assured is up to Rs 1 lakh and there is no maximum limit. Accidental Death and Disability Rider, Accident Benefit Rider, New Term Assurance Rider and New Critical Illness Benefit Rider are available with this policy.

One of the features of this policy is that you can take the maturity or death benefit in lump sum or in installment. The benefit of tax exemption is also available on this policy.

On maturity you will get Rs 10.33 lakh

According to the LIC premium calculator, if you buy a sum assured of Rs 5 lakh at the age of 24 years and the policy term is 21 years, your annual premium will be Rs 26,815. Half yearly premium will be Rs 13548, quarterly premium will be Rs 6845 and monthly premium will be Rs 2281. In 21 years you will deposit Rs 563705 and based on the existing bonus you will get Rs 10 lakh 33 thousand on maturity. At the same time, a risk cover of Rs 5 lakh will also be available.



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