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Lock Upp: Limits crossed in Kangana’s show, one said gutter and the other said – go give massage to Munavvar, at least for some boy…

Kangana Ranaut Lock Upp: In Kangana Ranaut’s show ‘Lock Up’, there has been a tremendous fight between Anjali and Ajma. During this, Ajma crossed all limits and made controversial comments on Anjali.

Anjai Arora And Azma Fallah Fight: Along with revealing the secret in the reality OTT show ‘Lock Up’ hosted by Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, the bonding and battles of the contestants are also in a lot of discussions. Now once again such a fight took place between the two contestants of the show, they have forgotten the limits of words in anger. This fight took place between Anjali Arora and Ajma Fallah.

Anjali and Ajma fight

All the remaining contestants in the show are presenting their claim to win the game with great game planning and proving how best they are to win. Actually, in the latest episode, all the prisoners were given a task in which they had to tell why they are better than other contestants and also to tell which prisoner they want to throw out. During this, there was a scorching heat between Anjali Arora and Ajma Fallah.

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Ajma’s underwear comment

Anjali Arora took the name of Ajma Fallah during this time. Anjali also called Ajma a gutter, rubbish, troll, indecent. Ajma was also not silent on these things of Anjali, giving a befitting reply to Anjali saying that she is better than her, because she does not wash her underwear at least to get close to a boy.

Jaa wash Munawwar Farooqui’s underwear

Ajma further tells Anjali – go by massaging the hands and feet of Munavvar Farooqui, so that she can easily reach the finale. You are preparing her for the finale by giving her a hand and foot massage. Go wash Munawwar Farooqui’s underwear.

Ajma Fallah was targeted

Most of the people targeted Ajma Fallah in this task. In such a situation, Ajma will no longer get a chance to secure herself in eviction. Whether Ajma will be in the show or not will be known only in the upcoming Judgment episode. Apart from this, to know what will happen next in the show, keep watching Lock Up.



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