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Lock Upp: Poonam Pandey promised to be topless, votes rained, Payal Rohatgi said this

Contestant Poonam Pandey of Lock Up has always been known for her bold and sizzling style. But recently the actress surprised everyone by promising to be the toplet in the reality show. After Poonam’s promise, she has also got the highest number of votes.

Sunny Leone has shared a latest video, in which Sunny is seen playing basketball with husband Daniel Weber wearing a sari.

Shahid Kapoor was spotted on a dinner date with wife Mira late at night. During this, everyone’s eyes were kept on Mira Kapoor’s short dress and Shahid Kapoor was seen protecting her in the crowd. Along with this, Mira’s fashion sense was also seen inspired by Kareena.

Poonam Pandey, the most popular and bold prisoner of lock up, remains in limelight these days. Actually, Poonam Pandey had promised the audience after coming to the chargesheet that if they save her by voting more votes, then she will take off her T-shirt in front of the camera. This thing of Poonam surprised not only the fans but also the prisoners of lock up.

Poonam got the most votes

The special thing is that after Poonam’s promise to take off the T-shirt in front of the camera, she has got the most votes this week. When Kangana Ranaut announced that Poonam got the most votes, Payal Rohatgi was quite surprised to hear this.

Payal raised questions on the show

Kangana Ranaut further told all the prisoners that Payal got the least votes, while Nisha Rawal was the second last in the matter of voting. However, Nisha Rawal has become evicted from the show. But Payal did not understand the thing that Poonam Pandey got the most votes. Looking at the camera, she said – Sangram Singh, I have been speaking for voting for a week, but I am not able to vote with you. I know your followers are very true. But how is Poonam getting the most votes? These people want these narratives. They like this narrative.

Actually, last week Poonam escaped while going out of the lock-up. At that time, while promising to the fans, she said – Hello, whoever is listening, save me from the chargesheet, I swear to God that I will give a great surprise to the people. I will give in front of the camera and will give in style. Save me by voting me and then see what happens in this jail.

Poonam Pandey said that if her fans save her from nomination, she will take off her T-shirt and this week she got the most votes. Isn’t it amazing?



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