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LPG Cylinder Price: LPG gas cylinder became cheaper by Rs 171.50, know the new rates

Oil companies have announced a big relief today regarding the LPG price and have cut the prices of commercial cylinders by up to Rs 171.

LPG Cylinder Price: In the last few months, the public struggling with inflation was shocked by the increased prices of LPG cylinders, but the month of May has started with relief. Oil companies have reduced the prices of commercial gas by Rs 171.50. On the other hand, the news of relief for the common man is that like last month, there has been no increase in the prices of domestic LPG cylinders this month as well.

According to oil companies, this reduction is Rs 171.50 in 4 metros of the country. The new rates of LPG gas cylinders have been implemented from today itself. After the release of the new rate, now a 19 kg gas cylinder will be available in the capital Delhi for Rs 1856.50 instead of Rs 2028.

Prices were increased in March

After the implementation of the new rates, commercial LPG cylinder will now cost Rs 1960.50 instead of Rs 2132 in Kolkata and Rs 1808.50 instead of Rs 1980 in Mumbai. Let us tell you that in March, the oil companies had increased the price of commercial LPG cylinders by Rs 350 in one stroke. After this, it was reduced by Rs 92 in April and now once again in May, big relief has been given to the traders.

How much is the cost of domestic gas

Talk that there has been no change in the price of domestic cooking gas in May. Talking about the prices of domestic LPG gas cylinders in May, it has been kept at Rs 1103 in Delhi, Rs 1112.5 in Mumbai, Rs 1129 in Kolkata and Rs 1118.50 in Chennai. Let us tell you that on March 1, 2023, the price of domestic cooking gas was reduced by Rs 50.

Today’s LPG Price in Indian 

CITYMAY 2023APR 2023
New Delhi₹ 1,103.00₹ 1,103.00
Kolkata₹ 1,129.00₹ 1,129.00
Mumbai₹ 1,102.50₹ 1,102.50
Chennai₹ 1,118.50₹ 1,118.50
Gurgaon₹ 1,111.50₹ 1,111.50
Noida₹ 1,100.50₹ 1,100.50
Bangalore₹ 1,105.50₹ 1,105.50
Bhubaneswar₹ 1,129.00₹ 1,129.00
Chandigarh₹ 1,112.50₹ 1,112.50
Hyderabad₹ 1,155.00₹ 1,155.00
Jaipur₹ 1,106.50₹ 1,106.50
Lucknow₹ 1,140.50₹ 1,140.50
Patna₹ 1,201.00₹ 1,201.00
Trivandrum₹ 1,112.00₹ 1,112.00


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