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LPG Cylinder Subsidy: Big News! LPG cylinder will get Rs 300 cheaper, link Aadhar card with subsidized bank account, know the whole process

LPG Cylinder Subsidy: The rising oil and LPG gas prices for some time now have made the general public miserable. The skyrocketing prices of domestic LPG have affected the savings of the people. Due to rising inflation, now it has become difficult to buy cylinders, due to which it is impossible to save. In such a situation, if you also take subsidy in LPG cylinder, then you can save up to 300 rupees. Let’s know how-

LPG cylinder will get 300 rupees cheaper

In today’s era of inflation, when the prices of oil and LPG gas are running at their record levels across the world, then this news can be a relief for the common man. From now onwards, customers taking subsidy will save up to Rs.300 on the purchase of LPG gas cylinder. This decision taken by the government will save kitchen expenses for many families. As you would know that till a few months back, domestic LPG was available at Rs 594 per cylinder, which had increased to Rs 884 in a short span of time. Due to which the cost of people’s kitchen had increased a lot. In such a situation, a discount of up to Rs 300 from the increased price in subsidy would be very beneficial. Those who already have the facility of subsidy will get the benefit of it. For this, they will have to link their subsidized account with their Aadhar card.

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Increase in subsidy available in cylinders

Many people were upset due to the rising prices of LPG gas cylinders in the country. Keeping in view the inconvenience to the citizens, the central government has decided to increase the exemption given in the form of subsidy. Now customers taking subsidy will get more discount than before. For some time, the subsidy received on the purchase of cylinders was reduced to a total deposit of Rs 20 -30 only. Which has now been increased again to around Rs 300.

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Those who have taken gas cylinder under Ujjwala scheme will get maximum benefit from this subsidy scheme. As earlier, they used to get a subsidy of Rs 174.86, which has now been increased to Rs 312.48. Whereas the subsidy amount which was earlier available on the purchase of domestic kitchen from Rs 153.86 has now been increased to Rs 291.48.

If you also want to get subsidy up to Rs.300 on the purchase of LPG gas cylinder, then you should also get your subsidized bank account linked with your Aadhar card as soon as possible.

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How to link aadhar card with subsidized bank account

If you also want to get subsidy up to Rs.300 then you are required to link your subsidized bank account with your Aadhar card. If your subsidy bank account is not linked with Aadhar card, then you should get it linked as soon as possible. For this, if you are a customer of Indane LPG gas cylinder, then you can get all the information related to it by visiting Apart from this, customers of Bharat Gas Company can visit

You can also directly link your Aadhar card with your subsidized bank account by visiting the concerned bank.



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