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Malaika’s heavy gown slipped in the event itself, became a victim of Oops Moment

Malaika Arora is known for her superb dressing style, but sometimes the actress has to bear the brunt due to this style. The same thing happened with Malaika, when she reached the event wearing a one shoulder gown, she became a victim of Oops moment.

Malaika Arora Oops Moment: Malaika Arora is such a person who may not have acted in films, but she knows how to stay in the news. Often she keeps on creating panic on social media due to her looks. 48’s Malaika also takes good care of her health, that’s why even today people are crazy about her killer figure, but sometimes in order to make her look more bo*ld, the beauties become victims of oops moment and something like this happened With Malaika Arora.

Yellow gown case

Malaika Arora is also known in Bollywood for her fitness. Malaika Arora’s gym look often goes viral on social media. But fashion gurus raised their eyebrows when a picture of Malaika in a yellow gown went viral on social media. Malaika wore a beautiful yellow gown during an event but something happened to her in this event which she had not even imagined.

Malaika’s gown slipped

Actually this is about the 2020 Miss Diva Universe Grand Finale. During the event, Malaika Arora Gown wore a floor-sweeping one-shoulder ruffled gown, with golden strappy heels to complete her look. Malaika’s beauty had drawn everyone’s attention towards her. But as soon as she stepped on the red carpet with this beautiful look, she became a victim of an ups moment. The pictures of this moment were also captured in the camera, after which she became viral on the internet and people started trolling her.

Malaika bedroom pictures

Malaika Arora recently shared her bedroom pictures on social media, in which her injury marks were clearly visible. Let us tell you that some time ago Malaika had a terrible accident and in this accident she got hurt between both the eyebrows. The actress was seen at Ranbir and Alia’s reception after the accident.



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