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Manoj Tiwari, father of two daughters with two wives, did not want to give divorce to the first wife

Manoj Tiwari BJP: Manoj Tiwari has become a big name in the country today. Manoj Tiwari, who once lived a very simple life, first made a foray into the world of Bhojpuri music and then also showed his glory in the field of politics. As a BJP MP party, he has held the responsibility of important state like Delhi. Manoj Tiwari is the father of two daughters in private life. Let’s know how Manoj Tiwari’s personal life has been:

Manoj Tiwari has sung more than one popular song in Bhojpuri. His songs sung years ago are still widely heard. Manoj Tiwari has also acted in Bhojpuri films.

In 1999, when Manoj Tiwari became a big name of Bhojpuri entertainment industry, he decided to get married.

Manoj Tiwari took seven rounds from Pratima Pandey alias Rani Tiwari, the sister-in-law of Bhojpuri singer and former captain of the Indian cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Rani and Manoj Tiwari have a daughter. The daughter’s name is Riti. Manoj Tiwari is very close to his daughter Rithi.

After a few years of marriage, things started to deteriorate between Rani and Manoj Tiwari. Rani decides to divorce him. However Manoj Tiwari never wanted to divorce Rani Tiwari.

Manoj Tiwari has told in many interviews that he never wanted to separate from Rani Tiwari. It was only because of his happiness and stubbornness that he had to agree to divorce. Manoj Tiwari and Rani Tiwari divorced in 2012.

Manoj Tiwari got married for 8 years after his divorce from his first wife. His second wife’s name is Surabhi Tiwari.

Surabhi Tiwari is also a Bhojpuri singer. Surabhi is originally from Patna.

Manoj Tiwari told in an interview that he never wanted to marry another.

It was only at the behest of daughter Hrithi that they decided to remarry.

In April 2020, Manoj Tiwari married Surabhi Tiwari. On 31 December, Surabhi gave birth to a loving daughter. (



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