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Mexico’s mayor marries crocodile, thousands of people gathered in the party, the reason is very special – watch video

Mexico News: The mayor of San Pedro Huamelula city of Mexico is in the media of the whole world these days. The reason for his being in the discussion is very special. Actually, in the past, she has made a lot of headlines by marrying a crocodile. The reason behind this is very special.

Unique Marriage: Wedding is one such moment in life which everyone wants to make memorable. Various efforts are now being made for this. Many marriages often make headlines in the media due to their grandeur, different style or different entry of bride and groom. These days a marriage is becoming the headlines of the media around the world. The special thing is that this wedding took place in Mexico and the bride was not a human but a crocodile. The groom was also not a common man but the mayor of the city of San Pedro Huamelula, Mexico. Let’s talk about this marriage in detail.

All the rituals completed among the guests

According to media reports, the mayor of San Pedro Huamelula, Mexico, Quétor Hugo, has done this unique marriage in the past. He has done it with full rituals. Thousands of people attended this wedding and the groom’s relatives also performed all the rituals. The reason behind this special marriage is also very special. Actually this is an old tradition of Mexico. This type of marriage is done to strengthen the relationship of man with the environment and animals. There is a belief that by doing this way one gets the desired thing from God. Most of the people organize such events only to get good rains and more fish. Mayor also did this marriage for the same purpose.

Crocodile marriage tradition

The tradition of marrying a crocodile is very old in Mexico. People here say that this tradition is going on since 1789. Special care is taken to perform the rituals. People first name the crocodile. After this the date of marriage is fixed. Relatives and friends are invited on the wedding day. After this the marriage is performed in front of everyone.

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