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Mira Rajput expressed her pain on social media, told holidays with children ‘tough business’

Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput may not be associated with the film world, but she has a huge fan list on social media. Mira often shares many pictures and videos on social media. Recently Mira Rajput shared a video of her vacation, in which she told fans how her holidays start and end with her kids Misha Kapoor and Zain Kapoor. Meera posted different types of videos by making a reel on her Instagram.

Mira Rajput seen in different outfits

In the beginning of this video, Mira Rajput was seen in a purple dress and with a hat in her hand and in the caption above, Mira wrote, ‘How the holidays started with the kids’. In the second video, Mira was seen wearing a denim jacket, black pants and sunglasses. These videos of her are from Dubai trip. After this Meera shared the video of the shopping mall with her third outfit in this reel. Meera is looking very beautiful in all these videos.

This is how Mira’s trip ended with the kids

Mira Rajput, who was happily enjoying the holidays in the morning, looked quite tired by the end of the evening. In this video, Meera is seen in a blue jacket and white pyjama, who enters her room and falls straight on her bed. Meera described the beginning of the holidays with children as very excited, while at the same end she captioned her video and wrote, ‘This is how your holidays end with children’.

Remembered the holidays spent with children

Sharing her reel on Instagram, Meera wrote in the caption, ‘Because we are now virtually back to the holidays and zoom party, so express your mixed feelings about the holidays spent with your kids. I can’t stop myself from doing it. Meera wrote, ‘This is a great time to make one on one bonding. Lazy breakfast without any regular time, act like them in pool and in different places with kids and see that glow on their faces is really a pleasure. The child in me also came alive by living with her and I had a lot of fun with her.

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Told ‘tough business’ to holidays with kids

Meera further wrote in the caption, ‘But at the same time it is a difficult task, because children of a low age always insist on things, for them from food to other things, we have to plan in advance. And with them we have to work very patiently. I too got very tired by the end of the evening and even though I wanted to go out, I had to struggle hard to wear sandals. Let us tell you that Mira and Shahid have two children, their daughter Misha is 5 years old, while her son Zain Kapoor is 3 years old now.



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