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Monalisa danced wearing a bo*ld dress while getting wet in the rain, see VIDEO here

Monalisa Dance Video: The craze of Monalisa, who has traveled from Bhojpuri cinema to TV actress, is on everyone’s head.

New Delhi: The magic of actress and dancer Monalisa, who has proved herself from Bhojpuri films to the world of TV, remains intact for years. Her fans go crazy for every glimpse of her. The magic of Monalisa’s craze has gone on people’s heads in such a way that her old Bhojpuri videos are also becoming fiercely viral. One of her songs ‘Piritiya Ke Bani Piyasal’ is once again in the news.

Monalisa won the heart by getting drenched in water

Monalisa’s song ‘Piritiya Ke Bani Piyasal’ has once again gone viral on YouTube. The song has been viewed more than 31 lakh times so far. The reason for this song going viral is also that both desi and western style of Monalisa are seen together in it. Watch this VIDEO…

Such is the style of Monalisa

In this song, where Monalisa is initially seen in a pink color dress by the side of a swimming pool, in the second half of the song, she is seen wearing a short dress and bathing in the water. Her performances are so captivating that her fans are watching this video ‘Piritiya Ke Bani Piyasal’ again and again.

Let us tell you that Monalisa, who started with Bhojpuri films, has now earned a lot of name in TV as well. She has worked in more than 70 films in Bhojpuri cinema industry.




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