MP: Tanya lost her leg in the accident, Tanya now sets a record in para-cycling

MP: Tanya lost her leg in the accident, Tanya now sets a record in para-cycling
MP: Tanya lost her leg in the accident, Tanya now sets a record in para-cycling

Jid, passion, passion, now this is the identity of 25 years old Tanya Daga. Yes, Tanya Daga, who hails from Biaora town of Rajgarh district of Madhya Pradesh, has brought the name of the entire country from Jammu and Kashmir to Kanyakumari by cycling 3800 km with one foot. Tanya started the yatra on 19 November and completed this yatra on 31 December i.e. 43 days. Tanya has become the first woman para-cyclist in the country to do this feat.

The story of Tanya Daga reaching this stage is full of pain. Tanya told that she went to Dehradun for her MBA studies in 2018. A leg was cut from the collision of the car there. Tanya was referred to Indore from Dehradun, where two surgeries were performed. But no one was guaranteeing to stay alive. After this Tanya was shifted to Delhi. Tanya says that my treatment lasted for 6 months. I used to have 3000 stitches on every surgery.

After losing a leg in the accident, Tanya joined the Aditya Mehta Foundation and started cycling with one leg. He told that it was a very difficult time for me here, because during cycling, there used to be blood from the feet many times. First of all Tanya cycled 100 km in which she was in the top ten. Meanwhile, Infinity Right Cycling was organized by BSF from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Out of the 30 cyclists, 9 were para-cyclists. Not only this, Tanya was also honored by BSF for traveling so long with one leg.

Journey not stopped even after father’s death

Tanya, who lost a leg in the accident, cycled one foot and covered a distance of 3800 km from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. He started the journey from 19 November 2020, which was completed on 31 December 2020. During the visit reached Bangalore, on December 18, news came that his father Alok Daga had died. On 19 December, Tanya reached Biaora and went out on cycling again on 22 December, Tanya did not leave the journey despite the shock of her father’s death.

Tanya received a grand welcome in the city

After illuminating the name of country and state in Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Tanya Daga reached Biaora via Ujjain on the evening of 5 January. With the entry of the town of Biaora city, people gave a grand welcome to Tanya with flower garlands and congratulated Tanya.

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