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MS Dhoni’s ex-girlfriend Raai Laxmi is very beautiful, pictures are becoming viral on social media

New Delhi: Before MS Dhoni’s marriage, there was a discussion about his affair with South Indian films actress Raai Laxmi. Dhoni did not say anything about it like every time, but that actress himself told it.

Dhoni and Rai Laxmi met during IPL

Rai Laxmi and Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s love story has also been very famous. Both met during the 2008 IPL. Meanwhile, news of the linkup of both came to light. Later they broke up.

Rai Lakshmi is a famous actress

Rai Lakshmi has also worked in several Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam films. After venturing into South Indian cinema, he ventured into the Bollywood industry.

Rai Laxmi has also done Bollywood movies

Rai is Lakshmi (Raai Laxmi). She has worked in Bollywood in films like Julie-2 and Akira. Apart from this, more than 50 films of South have appeared.

Dhoni and Laxmi’s relationship did not last long

However, no one was able to know why their breakup happened. Rai Laxmi has said many times that his relationship with Dhoni was a big mistake.

Dhoni and Lakshmi breakup


Rai Laxmi told the Times of India, ‘I have started to believe that my relationship with Dhoni is a scar or scar that will not go away for a long time.



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