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Mukesh Ambani does not carry money in his pocket, does not even keep any card; How do you pay again? Told myself

Mukesh Ambani Lifestyle: Mukesh Ambani had told that from the beginning, whether in school or college, he never took money, nor did he have any credit card of his own.

Mukesh Ambani: According to a recent Forbes magazine report, Mukesh Ambani occupies the first position in the list of Arpatias in Asia. This means that he is the richest businessman in Asia. According to the report, Ambani’s assets are around $ 23.5 billion. In the meantime, Mukesh Ambani’s company Reliance Industries Ltd has bought Stoke Park of Britain for about Rs 593.05 crore. Let us know that this park is the first country club of the International Group in Britain.

Personally, if you talk about Mukesh Ambani, he is a very humble and family man who has achieved this position on his own. Despite so much wealth, Mukesh Ambani likes to lead an ordinary life. Things like getting up early in the morning, taking blessings of his mother before going somewhere, make him special. Let us tell you that Mukesh Ambani does not keep money or any card in his pocket while going anywhere. He himself disclosed this fact. Let’s know in detail –

Money does not matter: Mukesh Ambani had told in a media event that money never mattered to him. However, he says that money as a resource enables the company to take risks. Even when the media or public honors him with a label or title, he does not like it at all.

Don’t keep cash or cards: Mukesh Ambani says that he never keeps cash or credit cards in his pocket. They say that there is definitely someone next to them who pays their bills. Let me tell you that from the beginning, whether in school or college, they never took money, nor did they have any credit card of their own.

Mukesh Ambani is a very restrained person: Mukesh Ambani lives a simple life despite having so much wealth and luxury. Let it be said that he has never touched meat and liquor. A completely vegetarian Mukesh Ambani likes simple homemade food, lentils and rice. Mukesh Ambani, who has tasted many good hotels around the world, likes Gujarati and South Indian dishes quite well.





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