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Mukesh Ambani income: It will take a laborer 10000 years to earn as much as Mukesh Ambani in 1 hour

new Delhi. Mukesh Ambani Income. India’s richest man, even though he is out of the list of the world’s rich, his dominance remains. Billionaire Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries, received a shock of $ 3.6 billion on Monday and his wealth has now come down to $ 75.8 billion, making him out of the list of the World Top 10 Richest Person. Went, but his wealth had steadily increased in the Corona period. According to the latest report, in the Corona era, while the rich became richer and richer, the poor became poorer.

Property increased during the Corona period

According to Oxfam report, the corona epidemic further increased the distance between rich and poor in the country. Where the wealth of the rich grew rapidly, then the poor faced the problem of living their livelihood. Oxfam has given this information in its latest report, which tells how the wealth of the rich increased and the difficulty of the poor kept increasing.

Ambani earns 90 crores every hour

Oxfam is a global organization that works for poverty alleviation around the world. In its report, Oxfam stated that the wealth of Indian billionaires grew by 35 percent in the Corona period, while the lockdown caused a livelihood crisis for the poor. The institution has mentioned this in its ‘Inequality Virus’ report, which states that the wealth of 100 billionaires in India increased by 12,97,822 crore after March 2020.

A laborer will take 10000 years, as much as Ambani earns in 1 hour

The report said that Ambani earned nearly 90 crore rupees every hour during the Corona crisis. At the same time it will take 10,000 years for an unschilled laborer to earn this much. At the same time, a laborer will take 3 years to earn as much as Ambani earned every second. Oxfam in its report has mentioned income inequality. Oxfam Chief Executive Officer Amitabh Behar has mentioned how there is income inequality in the country, due to which the rich are getting richer and crores of people are able to live life with difficulty. He said that these disparities came to the fore at the time of lockdown. Let us tell you that 295 economists from 79 countries have given their opinion for this Oxfam survey report.

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The wealth of the country’s rich increased

According to the report, the wealth of the rich of Des has increased rapidly in the Corona era, including many big names like Mukesh Ambani, Gautam Adani, Shiv Nadar, Cyrus Poonawala, Uday Kotak, Laxmi Mittal of Reliance Industries. The wealth of these people increased every second in the coronary period, while in April 2020, 1.7 lakh people became unemployed every hour.

In its report, Oxfam has not said that 24 per cent of the people of the country are earning at an average of Rs 3000 per month. At the same time, Mukesh Ambani’s property alone is capable of taking 40 crore workers out of the poverty line for five months.



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