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Namrita Malla Dance: All Bhojpuri beauties failed in front of Namrata Malla’s belly dance, video went viral in minutes

Namrita Malla: Belly dance video of famous Bhojpuri actress Namrata Malla is becoming increasingly viral. In this video, Namrata is seen adding a touch of hotness with her dance.

Namrita Malla Belly Dance: Apart from acting, Bhojpuri actress Namrita Malla creates such strings of people’s hearts with her dance that it becomes difficult to control herself. Apart from films, Namrata creates panic on social media with her photos and sometimes videos. Something similar has happened this time also. Namrata Malla shared the video of such a hot dance on social media that the viewers were just left watching. This time Namrata turned on the camera and made such a joke that the hearts of millions of people were stabbed. This hot and bo*ld dance video of Namrata Malla is setting social media on fire.

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Belly dance in bralette

Namrata Malla is wearing white colored shorts with a colorful bralette in this video. These shorts are way too short. Wearing this revealing bralette and shorts, Namrata Malla is doing belly dance in front of the camera in such a way that the video is becoming increasingly viral.

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Fans are commenting

Fans are also commenting fiercely on this hot dance video of Namrita Malla. While some are praising Namrata’s toned figure, many have become a fan of her belly dance. At the same time, some people have become crazy about Namrata Malla by sharing the fire icon and some people. Earlier, the song ‘Lal Ghaghra’ by Namrita Malla created a ruckus. This song got a tremendous response on social media. Very few people would know that apart from acting, Namrata Malla is also a great dancer and her videos become viral within minutes with uploading. Namrata’s social media is filled with many of her dance videos.

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