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National Pension System: The entire process of NPS is now online, make deposits and withdrawals at home

The new name of National Pension System has now been added to Digital India continuously. The NPS has made everything online in view of the demand of time. This will mean that now you will be able to tackle all the work right from home.

Delhi: In today’s era, it is very difficult to go to the office related to that department to tackle some work because most things have gone online. This is also the need of changing times, so everyone is going digital. In this series, you will now be able to deposit and withdraw from the National Pension System at home. The government hopes that in this way the trend of people will increase towards NPS.

NPS completely online

The Modi government has brought gifts for those investing in the National Pension System. Now people investing in NPS will be able to do everything online till they withdraw money. If you understand clearly, then you will be able to do everything from deposits to withdrawals in NPS sitting at home. For this, you have to visit the official portal of NPS .

PFRDA demanded

The Pension Fund Regulator and Development Authority (PFRDA) had been demanding to make it online for a long time. PFRDA had sought its approval from the Department of Revenue which has now been given. With the permission of the revenue department to do online e-KYC, the process of opening NPS account will be further simplified. Recently PFRDA has introduced many digital tools like OTP based authentication, e-sign based authentication, video customer identification.

Digital tool kit is ready

PFRDA has prepared Entry to Exit (E2E) digital tool for NPS investors. NPS shareholders can make deposits and withdrawals through this tool. It is being claimed that the entire process will be paperless. Earlier, customers had to be physically present at the Point of Presence (POP) or NPS center to exit the NPS and investors had to submit several documents along with the NPS form.

Government’s emphasis on NPS

PFRDA is preparing to make the National Pension System (NPS) more attractive. For this, PFRDA changes the rules from time to time. PFRDA’s effort is that most people of the country invest in it and secure their future. This will also improve the standard of living of the people and in the adverse circumstances the family will also get financial help.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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